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CinemaJam Event of Essilor Philippines Blogged

November 30, 2013, Circuit Makati, Essilor Philippines hosted an event billed CinemaJam - An Outdoor and Music Fest. And of course, Fierce Blogs was there to witness how the whole-day event unveiled.

CinemaJam of Essilor Philippines - Gino Quillamor with Essilor Marketing Team 

Crizal Transitions Demo Materials
When I first heard about CinemaJam and how ambitious the extent of the activities, I can only imagine how intricate the planning, logistics and execution will be. Imagine an event that opens at 2:00 PM and is stretched an hour shy of midnight? There are outdoor activities, movies, concert and jamming all in one venue and event? You can really just imagine how exciting the event and how busy it'll be, right? Well, kudos to Essilor Philippines for one hell of an event and for pulling it off with perfection! This is by far the most intersting event I have attended to date. I didn't event notice that time was slipping yesterday. As the cliche goes, time really flies when you're having fun. Really apt on how I spend my day at CinemaJam yesterday.

The Outdoor Fun...
I hate staying out under the sun! If you know me well enough, this is my so-called trademark LOL So, knowing that I have to blog about an event that involves activities with no roof scares me! But Essilor Philippines is really close to my heart. Back when I suffered from scatch cornea on my left eye and was told I can't wear contacts for 3 months, it was the lenses of Essilor that made me believe that wearing eyeglasses can all be comfortable, fun, stylish and protected. So, armed with my new eyeglasses using Crizal Tansitions lenses and Belo SunExpert sunscreen, I braved the afternoon sun to enjoy the activities prepared that day. Here are some photos of the outdoor activities at CinemaJam:

CinemaJam Activities - Bunjee Jumping

CinemaJam - Wall Climbing

CinemaJam - Basket Ball

CinemaJam - Kite Flying

CinemaJam - Giant Christmas Tree Lighting

The Movies...
You'll be amazed how loyal the attendees of the event were. When it was time to watch "Limitless" and "Love Actually"  movies, everyone settled for a comfortable spot and got glued to watching the movies. It was at this point when I realized that the times have really changed. People nowadays welcomes variety and a snappy change. You just need to make sure that they have their smart phones and camera along with them to document the event.

While the movies were being shown, Ideal Vision gave out pop corns while bottled water were covered by Police Eyewear.

Look at the photos below how the audience was so into the movies...

CinemaJam - Movies

The Music...
Then it was time for the audience to be entertained through music! Gracenote was the first act to rock the stage followed by Moonstar 88. Then it was time for the music of Itchyworms to be performed. At this point, everyone started to flock the stage area to get a closer look and photo of the famous band. The humor of the band is really contagious, I'd say. Lead vocalist, Jugs Jugueta was just hilarious during their spot. Who by the way is also a proud owner of Crizal Transitions. He even showed his authenticity card to everyone.
Callalily at CinemaJam

The performance of Callalily was all heart. I think that's really the trademark of Kean Cipriano, lead vocalist of the band. His sings as if the emotions of the songs recently happened. But I admire his passion when he's up on stage. It's all infectious in most part. Oh, and I think he's HOT!

CinemaJam of Essilor Philippines
Then the King of Philippine Rock stepped on stage! Everyone went wild after hearing Bamboo Manalac's voice. More of a roar from the crowd; to the point of not hearing the band. The drizzle didn't call for a shade. Instead, they came prepared with umbrellas. It's the coolest sight to see! This for me was the highlight of the event. It was worth waiting for more than 8 hours.
Bamboo Performs at CinemaJam

Bamboo Manalac - CinemaJam of Essilor Philippines
If you think the event is done? You are oh so wrong! DJ Ace Ramos soon entered the scene for those who feel like parying the night away. The best way to chill the nerves of the energetic viewers.

The entire event was hosted by none other than The Kikay Barkada of RX 93.1: Chico Garcia, Delamar Arias, and Gino Quillamor. The troika of morning FM broadcasting every 6 AM to 10 AM.

Chico Garcia of The Kikay Barkada

Chico Garcia, Fierce Blogs and Gino Quillamor
CinemaJam event of Essilor Philippines indeed raised the circuit of product launch and awareness. It was a well-thought concept and preperly executed blueprint. Not for a minute did I get bored. I spent more than 10 hours of my precious weekend time and it was all worth it! To wrap up my experience at CinemaJam in one word is something I cannot achieve. This experience showed me that embracing the sun every now and then has it perks. Just make sure you are protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Which is actually what Crizal Transitions is all about - the only lense in the market that protects you from the front and back rays of the sun. Oh, and I am also a proud owner it.

To Essilor Philippines and Saga Events, congratulations for a very successful event. Glad Fierce Blogs was part of it.

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