Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What I Wore - Windy New Year Afternoon (Episode 39)

Today marks the last day of 2013. And today, I opted to wear something light and comfortable as I spent a little downtime at the rooftop of the condominium. 

What I Wore - Outfit Post on Fierce Blogs

Details of What I Wore (H to T)
  • Sunscreen by Belo SunExpert
  • Eyewear by Giordano Philippines using Essilor Crizal Transitions
  • Scarf by unknown (it has no label and it was a gift from Hong Kong)
  • Purple v-neck shirt by Uniqlo Philippines
  • Lime green foldable short by Uniqlo Philippines
  • Velvet sneakers by Steve Madden
  • White plastic watch from Bench Time
Happy New Year to all! And thank you for all the love you've shown to Fierce Blogs!

Regards to all,

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Get An Iphone 5C For Only P1,349/month From Globe

Share You can actually own an Iphone 5C for as low as P1,349 monthly!
Iphone 5C Promo
Visit your nearest Globe branch or call their hotline to apply.
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Edward Mendez for Belo Beauty 2014 Calendar

If you do not have a copy yet of The Belo Medical Group's 2014 Calendar, you've been extremely missing a lot on the sexy department! The past few days I blogged a couple of the hotties of The Belo Med brand: Ruffa Gutierrez, Alden Richards and Matteo Guidicelli. This time around we are dedicating this blog to the sexy fittness guro of Sexy Solutions - Edward Mendez.

Edward Mendez for Belo Med
Don't you think that the photoshoot of Edward Mendez is ultra sexy? Follow him on Instagram - @TrueDreamBody

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Hardys Wines for the Holidays

My friends I are have been celebrating the Holiday season with the newest range of wines Hardys unveiled last November 2013 -  Chardonnay and Shiraz. The new wine offerings of Hardys are now available in all major cellar outlers we have locally.

Hardys Wines
My personal favorite is still Chardonnay with its fresh burst of flavors of peach, stone fruit and lemon.

Cheers to the Holidays!
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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Derek Ramsay for Belo Med 2014 Calendar

For Christmas Day, we are featuring Derek Ramsay from the hot 2014 Calendar of The Belo Medical Group.

What do you think? 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What I Wore - Some Sort Of A Geeky Night (Episode 38)

On the day before Christmas, I decided to wear something geeky but still tried to put some element of fun to it. Oh, and of course, I had to layer. A habit I just could not break.

Geeky look  - What I Wore

The brands:
  • Giordano for the eyewear with Essilor lenses
  • Shirt by Zara Men
  • Jacket by Springfield
  • Pants by Oxygen
  • Shoes by Zara Men
  • Watch by Lacoste
Merry Christmas to all! Have a good one!

Wildflour Cafe and Bakery Review (Fort Bonifacio Branch) - FAIL!

I actually do not understand what is the commotion with Wildflour Cafe and Bakery in BGC. Couple of times, I wanted to try their food but never had the chance. Until last night...

At first glance, the ambiance of Wildflour Cafe looks just ok. Until you go inside and feel very uncomfortable because of the limited space and how they try to fit in all the heavy-wooden tables. I feels really swamped! May be we visited during a busy hour; that's why it looks so chaotic.

On service...
I have to admit, the service of Wildflour in BGC is the least of my favorite. It's one of those you will never really recgonize. Actually, I feel like they are all rushing and just want to clean your table in preparation for the next customers. This is a total turn-off for me and my friends last night.

Wildflour Food Review...
We ordered the following food last night:
  • French Onion Soup (Gruyere cheese Php 230.00)
  • Crispy Potatoes (Sour cream, bacon, chives Php 160.00)
  • Pork Chop (Creamed corn, wild mushroom, mustard sauce Php 695.00)
  • Steak and Egg (100g flat iron steak, kimchi fried rice Php 495.00)
    Crispy Potato
Pork Chop

Steak and Egg

If their overall concept is to make their food salty, I congratulate them for a job well done!

Nothing much to add; except, if you want to try their food, talk to the chef and tell him to be easy on the cheese and salt!

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Merry Christmas to all!

In a few hours from now, it'll be Christmas time! And before we all get to be busy with family, friends and office, I would like to greet everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope everyone gets to spend it with people who really matter. Oh and don't forget to say a little pray for all the blessings.

Christmas 2013 - Fierce Blogs
Again, Merry Christmas to all Fierce Blogs readers out there!

Credits: Photo design and layout by Charley Maglunsod
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Ruffa Gutierrez - 2014 Belo Med Calendar

Share Forever " it" girl, Ruffa Gutierrez is also part of the 2014 Calendar of The Belo Medical Group. The fierce mother of 2 endorses Stem Cell Lipo, which I will blog soon!

Ruffa Gutierrez for Belo Med

I think Ruffa is looking great these days! Don't you think?

Call The Belo Med or Sexy Solutions on how to avail the hot 2014 Calendar!

Advance Merry a Christmas to all!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Matteo Guidicelli in Belo Med 2014 Calendar

ABS-CBN it guy, Matteo Guidicelli made it to the 2014 Calendar of The Belo Medical Group!

Here's the photo:

Matteo Guidicelli for Belo Med

What do you think? Hot or not?

Get to avail this hot Calendar either through Belo Med or Sexy Solutions only.

Alden Richards for Belo Med

One of the newest and hottest ambassador of The Belo Med, Alden Richard is part of their 2014 Calendar.

Alden Richards for Belo Med

You can avail of this calendar for a minimum purchase of Php 5,000 at Belo Med and Sexy Solutions.

Sexy Solutions - An Afternoon of Juicing, Detox and Weightloss

Dec 18, The Fort Square of Bonifacio Global City, Fierce Blogs attended an event that was packed with information that will gear you towards a healthier lifestyle. It was such an interesting talk that I failed to take a photo half of the event. But later during the event, I tried to catch up and took photos for you.

Sexy Detox by Sexy Solutions
It is rather very timely for Sexy Solutions to talk about the hottest fad when in comes to health and wellness - Juicing, Detox and Weightloss. Fact is, whenever I hear these words from any sources, there are a lot of information that I feel like wrong and taken out of context. In short, a lot of fallacy surround these topics. Well, today, we will busts these myths and I'll share to you information that might change your life forever!

Under the flagship of Belo Medical Group, Sexy Solutions as you know is the non-invasive approach to a sexier and healthier you. It's a mixture of proper diet, exercise and non-invasive treatments - I'd say the troika in achieving not just the perfect body, but as well as embracing overall wellness. You can check my Sexy Solution blog archive here to know more.

That afternoon, Sexy Solutions this time around, reveals a trade secret in losing weight! You would probably be wondering why hours of exercising and eating a proper diet are never enough to lose those extra pounds you've always wanted? There even comes a time you hit plateau and get stuck to a weight you're never happy with. It can all be frustrating, right? Well, according to Nadine Tengco, US Certified Nutritionist and Weight Loss Specialist of the Biggest Loser Philippines, it is because we are missing a crucial step in weight-loss activity. And this crucial step is undergoing a proper detox supervised by an expert. Now, do not be mislead by the market offering you the best detox juice. You have to be certain that the detox juice you are getting is not a bottle full with sugar. The right detox juice should be vegetable extracts flavored by natural fruit for better taste and appreciation. And body detoxing should not be done more than 3 days. Otherwise, it could be harmless to your body.
Cristalle Bello and Nadine Tengco - Sexy Detox

You might be wondering why body detox is very important? Why not just go ahead in dieting and hardcore exercising? The same and exact question I had that day. The reason is because we need to reset our entire system and let the body forget those bad eating habits. Otherwise, all your efforts and money will all be wasted with very futile results.

That's why Sexy Solutions launches a detox juice that will benefit you 3-ways:
  1. Minimize Bloat
  2. Flatten Your Bello
  3. Lose 1 - 3 pounds
The detox juice is called Sexy Detox by Sexy Solutions. You can ask more about this product by calling the numbers below:

Branches and Telephone Numbers of Sexy Solutions
You can call them and have your Sexy Detox delivered.

Sexy Solutions' Sexy Detox
Present during the event is the brain behind Sexy Solutions, Cristall Bello - who is part of Sexy Solutions' Dream Team along with Edward Mendez and Nadine Tengco. Raymond Gutierrez also attended the event to give his testimony in weight loss. 

Cristalle Belo - Brain behind Sexy Solutions
Raymond Gutierrez for Sexy Solutions 
Right before I end this blog, I would like to share these powerful phrases in wellness and weight-loss...
  • Drink Your Veggies, Eat Your Fruits
  • Sexy Detox is a Quick Start, Not a Quick Fix
  • Not all detox juices are made for weight loss
  • There are only a few detox drinks formulated for weight loss. Sexy Solutions is pioneering this frontier
To Cristalle Belo, thank for having Fierce Blogs. The talk of Nadine Tengco surely made me realize how awfully bad I've been to my body and why it's never too late to correct this by having Sexy Detox of Sexy Solutions for a quick start. And right after, I'd say goodbye to my bad eating habits.
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Monday, December 16, 2013

What I Wore - The Great Escape (Episode 37)

I attended a Christmas party last night but had to leave soon because I was not feeling good. Must be from the busy December schedule I had and will have in the upcoming days. Oh well, but I love every bit of the busy life I'm have. I guess I'm really cut out for the fast life.

For our What I Wore blog last night, here are some photos taken in SMX Mall of Asia and Greenbelt 3, Makati City. 

What I Wore - Fierce Blogs

What I Wore - Fashion Blog

What I Wore

The brands last night:
  1. Gray velvet hat is from Zara Men
  2. Black V-neck shirt by Uniqlo Philippines
  3. White jeans by Hang Ten
  4. Black belt by Esprit Philippines
  5. Black laced boots by Call It Spring
  6. White watch by Lacoste
  7. Rust leather accessories by SM Accessories
  8. Eyewear is Giordano Philippines using Essilor lenses (Crizal Transitions)
  9. Sunblock is Belo SunExpert 40
  10. Photogenic by The Face Shop for liquid foundation
  11. Two way powder foundation - Revlon Photo Ready
Great week to all! 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Selfie App Review

Share Have you heard or probably installed the Selfie App? Well, I tried installing it this morning to check the app and how it works. Well, after 10 minutues of playing and goofing with the Selfie App, here's what I think...

Selfie App

Selfie App

  • Love the design and layout, creative and easy on the eyes
  • App comes with a timer: Smiley, 5, 10 and 20 seconds. My personal choice is using 5 seconds. Using the smiley makes you look like the most stupid person on earth
  • You still can manuall press on the camera button
Verdict, I deleted the app! LOL

Try it yourself. You may appreciate something I totally didnt.

Great Sunday to all!

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Matteo Guidicelli - The New Ambassador of Mentos

Dec 12, ABS-CBN prime actor, Matteo Guidicelli was launched as the newest ambassador of Mentos Philippines. Here are some photos during the event.

Matteo Guidicelli for Mentos Philippines

Matteo Guidicelli for Menots
By the way, Mentos Cool As Ice giveaway is still ongoing. Get a chance to win the latest Ice Watch designs by joining the contest. Actually, it's very easy to join! Visit the official page of Mentos on Facebook to know the details. 
Good luck to all who joined and will join Mentos Cool As Ice Giveaway!

Photo courtesy of Mentos Philippines Facebook Page and Instagram of Matteo Guidacelli

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Mariah Carey Voice Failed - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Share I'm actually a fan of Mariah. But her performance of " All I Want For Christmas Is You" is really painful to hear and watch. Could've been that she's sick or caring for a really bad sore throat.

Listen and witness her performance.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Fierce Find - Salvatore Mann Shoes

For that everyday office shoes comfort, you need something affordable but still classy and stylish!

Salvatore Mann Shoes

Our Fierce Find for today is from Salvatore Mann. A classic black, leather shoes that does not go out of style. It's neat and goes well with earth-tone pants.

Salvatore Mann is available in all SM Department Stores nationwide.

Great week to all! 

What I Wore - Somewhere Over the Bridge (Episode 36)

What I Wore post for today is part of an old photo shoot done outside my condo park. Notice that I was still sporting a bald look fresh from losing a bet (laugh)! Posted the blog late since the flash drive was misplaced during the post photo session. Boooh!
What I Wore - Link Clothing
The fashion brands from head to toe:
Link Clothing are available in most SM Department Stores.
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mentos is Giving Away Ice Watches

Share Mentos is giving away 100 Ice Watches!

Mentos Giveaway - 100 Ice Watches
It's very easy to join. Simply buy Mentos Gums with a special tag in stores. The code on the side is your ticket to win Mentos Ice Watch. Register on http://mentoscoolasice.ph/login.php to plug in the code and provide your personal details.

Mentos Giveaway - 100 Ice Watches

Good luck to all!
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