Friday, November 29, 2013

#CinemaJam Winners Announced!

Thanks to all who joined our recent giveaway on Fierce Blogs. Today, I'll announce the 4 lucky winners who will be receiving 5 tickets to CinemaJam , the First Outdoor Movie and Music Fest in the county. CinemaJam happens on November 30, 2013 and us brought to us by Essilor Philippines. 

CinemaJam by Essilor Philippines

I will no longer delay the announcement. Congratulations to the following:
  1. @animamundi23
  2. @glaizatuquero
  3. @mirah_1104
  4. @dhei_dreamer
Please email me ( your cellphone nos so I can call you on Saturday. Meeting time will be 1:30 pm at the gate of Circuit Makati.

See you!

Thanks to Essilor Philippines for making this giveaway possible!


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