Friday, November 29, 2013

#CinemaJam Winners Announced!

Thanks to all who joined our recent giveaway on Fierce Blogs. Today, I'll announce the 4 lucky winners who will be receiving 5 tickets to CinemaJam , the First Outdoor Movie and Music Fest in the county. CinemaJam happens on November 30, 2013 and us brought to us by Essilor Philippines. 

CinemaJam by Essilor Philippines

I will no longer delay the announcement. Congratulations to the following:
  1. @animamundi23
  2. @glaizatuquero
  3. @mirah_1104
  4. @dhei_dreamer
Please email me ( your cellphone nos so I can call you on Saturday. Meeting time will be 1:30 pm at the gate of Circuit Makati.

See you!

Thanks to Essilor Philippines for making this giveaway possible!

Monday, November 25, 2013

GIVEAWAY ALERT! - CinemaJam Movie and Outdoor Fest by Crizal Transitions

The tickets have arrived today! I'm just excited to do the raffle for my giveaway through partnership with Essilor Philippines.

If you haven't joined my giveaway, click the link below:

Announcement of winners will be on Nov 27, 2013!

CinemaJam Event on Nov 30 at Circuit Makati
Good luck to all and hope to see you on Saturday at Circuit Makati (Sta. Ana Race Track)!
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Giveaway Tickets - CinemaJam Outdoor Movie and Music Fest

We're doing another giveaway on Fierce Blogs!

Last October 27, I blogged about an event being hosted by Essilor Philippines called CinemaJam Movie and Outdoor Fest (a first of its kind). It's a whole day activity of movies, music and midnight jam. Big names such as Callalily, Itchyworms, Moonstar 88, Gracenote and Bamboo will grace the event to make it even more spectacular.

CinemaJam of Crizal Transitions
Two blockbuster movies will be shown on the same day: "Love, Actually" and "Limitless".

Free vision screening in the Optical Village area in case you want you eyesight to be examined by professionals on that day.

Now for those who are seeking more challenging activities, they have lined up karting, bungee jumping, skating and kite-flying. Sounds really exciting, right?

Games and raffles also await lucky guests!  

The good news is.. WE ARE GIVING AWAY 20 TICKETS (General Admission) to 4 lucky winners!

Here's how to join Crizal Transitions CinemaJam Giveaway:
  1. Like Essilor Page on Facebook Page (, Instagram and Twitter (@EssilorPH).
  2. Like Fierce Blogs on Facebook ( and follow me on Twitter (@Fierce_Blogs).
  3. Tweet this exact message- I want to attend the hottest event of the year #CrizalTransition #CinemaJam on Nov 30! @Fierce_Blogs #Giveaway
  4. Post a comment on this blog and leave your valid email address so I can email you.
  5. There will be 4 lucky winners who will get 5 tickets each. So you can tag along your friends.
  6. Announcement of winners will be on Nov 28, 2013.
  7. I'll meet the winners at the gate of the event (Nov 30, 2013) so we can also do photo op.
  8. No other meet ups to get the tickets except during the event.
Mechanics of this giveaway will be examined carefully so please follow all the rules.

Good luck to everyone and I'm really hoping for me to meet you during the Crizal Transitions CinemaJam event!

Crizal Transition lenses are available in all optical shops in our country.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Police Eyewear - Celebrates 30 Years of Fashionable Eyewear

Mid of this week, Fierce Blogs attended the latest offering of Police Eyewear in the market. The said event also marks their 30th year of producing trendy, high-quality eyewear and accessories. Members of the press and the blogging world  wtinessed such display of fashion and trend from the highly-coveted eyewear brand.

Police Eyewear on Fierce Blogs

Police Eyewear Launch
It all started in the 80's when Police eyewear made its mark in the market. With big names such as Bruce Willis, George Clooney, David Beckham and Antonio Banderas, it was very quick for of Hollywood and the rest of the fashion cities to pick up how fashion forward the brand is. From then on, Police has made bold statements that each of us can associate ourselves with.

Police Eyewear

Police Eyewear
And for their latest style offering, Police eyewear joins the bandwagon of K-Pop trends: a lifestyle that not only invaded music but also TV, food, fashion and style. With the release of The Police K-Pop line, we can only the same quality but with the look and sophisticated look to it. 

It was also on the same night when the Police brand ambassadors were unveiled:

Police Ambassadores: Will Devaughn, David Guison and Roxanne Barcelo

David Guison for Police Eyewear

Roxanne Barcelo for Police Eyewear

Will Devaughn for Police Eyewear

Oh, and of course, I had to try the latest design Police eyewear has. I have to save up for them :) 

Fierce Blogs trying on Police Eyewear

Have a great week to all!

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Hardys : It Gets Better with Time

Just like wine, my relationship with my circle of friends just keep getting better. I cannot imagine that it has been more than 10 years of crazy fun, laughter and even drama on certain occasions. In this age and time, finding friends who really matter could be as difficult as finding a needle in a hay stock! I guess friendship is really a lot like wine; before you appreciate its taste, aroma and color, you have to make sure it ages well. There is no rushing it and there is no shortcut!

That's why as early as tonight, November 16, our Christmas toast starts! This officially marks another year of friendship and a whole new experiences in our lives. And there's no better way of celebrating friendship and life by opening a bottle of Hardys - which is actually our favorite company not only during special occasions, but also when life can be a little bit rough. Our mantra... friends and Hardys means warmth.

Hardys Wine
Hardys is all about quality and consistency. With 160 years of wine experience to bank on, you can only be assured that every occasion would mean a memory in your lives to be remembered.
Hardys - 160 Years Anniversary
Cheers! Life is just oh so good!

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Fashion Tip: Is It Acceptable Not to Wear Socks?

I see more and more men not wearing socks nowadays. Honestly, I feel yuck about it. That's why I was inspired to blog about the rules on how to wear men's socks.

Find time to read this and please learn a thing or two.

Not Wearing Socks

Overall, NOT wearing socks over shoes is NEVER acceptable. There's such a thing as Feet Socks that helps achieve fashion and hygiene all together. Feet socks have evolved over the years and have become very comfortable. Gone were the days they slide inside your feet. Feet socks come in rubber hold to avoid sliding while you wear it throughout the day.

Feet Socks

You might argue and say, Why wear socks if they will not be seen? Well, that's were hygiene kicks in. But if you are not after hygiene, please stop reading this blog hahaha

White Socks
White socks is only worn for Sports. In short, of you are wearing rubbers shoes and sneakers to do physical activities, then it's okay  to wear white socks. Other than that, NEVER!
White Sports Socks

On Dress Socks
The trick is simple, if you are wearing dress shoes, then you have to wear dress socks.

If you area wearing an office, leather shoes then dress socks is the only acceptable option. never the sporty black or white, cottony socks. I also see a lot of men wearing black ankle socks, again, this approach is very sporty. More of a bad taste. Instead, the rule of thumb is to wear full-size dress socks - enough for your leg area not to be visible even while seated or doing the cross-legs.

On Socks Prints
Avoid socks colors and designs that are close to the shoes you area wearing. It is wiser and more acceptable to choose socks colors close to your pants. This will make you look taller and longer. Socks prints close to the pants you are wearing will also make it look more fluid and coordinated.

Colorful Printed Socks

On Bold Prints
This is the tricky part. If you want to make a statement by wearing bold prints and colorful socks, make sure your overall look is subtle. Wearing bold, colorful socks when you wear printed outfit or even plaid can be unruly and uncoordinated. Bold socks colors are best worn when you are wearing gray-tone or white dominated outfit.

Socks Etiquette on Fierce Blogs

Wearing long socks with Shorts
Familair? If this approach is familiar to you, you're guilty! Feet socks are the only acceptable socks to wear when you're in your weekend shorts (unless doing sports).

Never wear socks on shorts!

Socks etiquette is rather simple, right? But funny a lot of people commit the fashion faux pas. Awareness or simple i-dont-care-attitude may be the culprit. what is essential to know is, the type of socks you wear can ruin your overall look.

Choose your socks wisely!

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Elf Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream Review

I searched years and years for a bronzer that does not have shimmer! It took me probably almost a year to replace my Marks and Spencer Nude Bronzer which I use for important photoshoot for my blog site. But the search just made me give up until I stopped searching.

Then came Friday last week.

As a habit I toured Watsons Shop in search of the latest and hottest product. Then I stumbled upon Elf Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream. It a dual bronzer and blush function. Here's why I love this product.

Elf Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream

Elf Studio Contouring Blush and Contouring Cream

Elf Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream Review
  • Elf Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream is can be used in many ways: eyes, cheeks, lips and anywhere you wish to highlight or contour
  • In my case, it's used for my cheeks and temple. Very light and less obvious
  • Works well during photoshoot
  • It's a cream and can be maneuvered easily using a make-up brush
  • I like it that your cheeker and bronzer are in one compact
  • Comes with a mirror
  • Product us very affordable at Php249.75
I just wish that the have more color variance.
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Paulo Avelino For Cirque De Bench

Share This is actually my favorite look from the Cirque De Bench campaign. It's Paulo Avelino looking neat and classy.

Paulo Avelino for Bench Holiday 2013

Photo courtesy of Bench Clothing Instagram.

Enchong Dee For Cirque De Bench #CirqueDeBench

Share Forever candy man Enchong Dee is part of Bench Holiday 2013 aka Cirque De Bench.

Enchong Dee for Bench Holiday 2013

Visit any Bench store to check out what Enchong Dee is wearing.

Photo courtesy of Bench Clothing Instagram.

Coco Martin For Cirque De Bench #CirqueDeBench

Share Birthday boy, Coco Martin, is also part of the latest offering of the leading clothing line in our country, Bench Holiday 2013 or Cirque De Bench.

What do you think if Coco's outfit here? 

Photo courtesy of Bench Clothing Instagram.

Coco Martin for Bench Holiday 2013

Piolo Pascual For Cirque De Bench #CirqueDeBench

Share Have you seen the latest poster of Piolo Pascual for Bench Holiday 2013; which is also dubbed as Cirque De Bench?

Piolo Pascual for Bench Holiday 2013
What do you think? Piolo Pascual still got it?

Photo courtesy of  Bench Clothing Instagram.
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