Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What I Wore - Trying to Look Rough (Episode 32)

In my latest blog I shared the launch of Stampede in Market! Market! Since I got a couple of inquiries about the labels I wore that day, here's a separate blog. This is my 32nd "What I Wore" blog post. I can't imagine that it's been a while. It only started as an insert blog and I ended up constantly updating it.

  • Black leather jacket from G2000
  • Egg White Statement Shirt from Zara Men
  • Black Jeans from Bench Overhaul
  • Spiral Brown Belt from Esprit
  • Shiny Yellow, Studded Shoes from Zara Men
  • Dress Socks by Oxygen Clothing
  • Black Tote Bag from Salvatore Mann
  • Accessories by SM Accessories
What I Wore (Episode32) - Trying to Look Rough


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