Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Blog Site Was Hacked!

My blog site has been hacked for almost 1 week! and I am so happy to have regained access to it today. Probably the scariest exerience I ever had since I started blogging. After gaining access I immediately checked the blog site's admin feature: template, privacy, Google clicks and even photos, all seems to be as it was. Email used for login credential is also in tact. Whew! Lesson learn in password maintenance, I'd say!
I was hacked
But for some reason, I still feel like the hacker did not hack my account for nothing. I feel like they still have some form of bug planted somewhere inside the admin area of my blog. I'm so paranoid! I hate cyber squatters! This ordeal made me change my password 4 times only for today.

I just hope the works of bloggers like us are more protected online. If it means paying for more, I don't mind. For as long as you know you have a stractured solution during times like this.

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