Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Starbucks Calendar 2014

And so the tradition lives on! The 2014 Starbucks calendar will be available for completion in 3 short days! Are you excited!?! Well, I am! 

There are 4 design to choose from or to complete! Enjoy!

Starbucks Planner 2014

Photo courtesy of Starbucks Instagram. 

What I Wore - Orange Is The New Black ( Episode 34)

They're saying that the color orange is the new black nowadays. It's a good thing that orange happens to be a favorite color of mine other than red. So, here goes a collection of to work outfit in orange that I  wore last Monday.

SM Belt Accessories
Shoes by Stampede
MSense Street Accessories by SM

The brands:
  • Shoes by Roumesheep
  • Belt by SM Accessories
  • Bracelets by MSense Street by SM
You'll probably see me wearing something "orangy" in the coming What I Wore post on Fierce Blogs.

Great day to all!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Pazzo Rollio in Robinsons Magnolia Launch

Mid of last week, I attended the official launch of Pazzo Rollio in Robinsons Magnolia. Food and lifestyle bloggers graced the show with much gusto and anticipation. While waiting for the food sampling, I had to survey the the "feel" of the resto. The ambiance in Pazzo Rollio is very welcoming. It does not make you feel like you are in for a serious and boring experience. The "feel" is young and playful but still very tastefully designed. Overall, I like what the visuals the resto has to offer - straightforward and not pretentious.

Then the food started to come in. Here are some photos:
Pazzo Rollio Launch

Pazzo Rollio in Robinsons Magnolia
Fun Interior Design of Pazzo Rollio
Pazzo Rollio
Nemo's Choice - Shrimp and Pesto

Roll Pizza of Pazzo Rollio
Mr. Chips - Pizza Chips

Popeye's Spinach and Artichoke Dips

Pazzo Rollio is all about Italian cousin - SIMPLICITY and the quality of the ingredients rather than on elaborate preparation. That's why I highly recommend all of you to try and experience THE PAZZO ROLLIO WAY!

My personal favorites are these:

Big Bang Supreme Pizza of Pazzo Rollio

De Niro's Classic Bolognese
Forever hot celebrity guy Marc Nelson also attended the launch.

Marc Nelson - Pazzo Rollio Launch

Location of Pazzo Rollio is at the 3rd Floor of Robinson Magnolio.

Here's What I Wore doing the event.

What I Wore - Fierce Blogs

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Accessories by MSense Street

It's pretty much obvious that I super love accessories; bracelets for that matter. And because of that, I will feature more bracelets that are really affordable and stylish today.

MSense Street is one of many brands I like when it comes to coming up with new and hot designs. From leather to strings, you'll definitely find an accessory that will define who you are as an individial.

Here's are some photos of their MSense Street bracelets:
Men's Bracelet

MSense Street Accessories
MSense Street Bracelet

Men's Accessories

MSense Accessories

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Fierce Find: Salvatorre Mann Maroon Tote Bag

Our Fierce Find for today truly lives up to the word "Fierce"! It's a vibrantly colored tote bag from Salvatorre Mann. It's speaks about having that brave approach when it comes to fashion and at the same time not forgeting to have fun. This maroon tote bag of Salvatorre Mann is flexible. Can we worn during casual days and can be stretched to an office bag.

Here are some product shots:

Tote Bag by Salvatore Mann

Salvotore Mann

Salvatore Mann Bag
Salvatore Mann Tote Bag

What I like about this Maroon Salvatorre bag:
  • The color is so rich and unique
  • Size is just right and can house a 14 inch laptop and has more space for personal stuff
  • Finish is clean
  • and most importantly, it VERY affordable at Php899.75
You can but this bag and more Salvatorre Mann designs in all SM Department Stores.

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New Talents Needed

Share If you think you've got what times to be the next "hot" talent, then join the search!

Big Box Media + Event + Management is looking for fresh talents who can sing and dance. Must be 16 to 22 years old and possesses extreme good looks. Interested and qualified individuals can contact 0999-5742999 or 0917-7330155.

Take a risk! You might be the one they're looking for!

Photo credit:

Sunday, October 27, 2013

CinemaJam Event by Crizal Transitions - Nov. 30, 2013

This is by far the hottest event I have ever imagined! It has been a while since our tinseltown will get to witness an afternoon packed with activities: Box Office Movies, Pop/Rock Music and Midnight Jam!

The hottest artists will also grace this crazy event - Callalily, Itchyworms, Moonstar 88, Gracenote and Bamboo!

How to get you ticket?  Either buy your own Crizal Transitions at all leading optical clinics or drop by Ticket World - (02)891-9999.

Cinema Jam on Nov 30, 2013
Check their poster for more information about Cinema Jam event - the first outdoor film and music festival in the Philippines! Exact venue is at Circuit Makati formerly Sta. Ana Race Track.

This is for the benefit of World Vision.

I hope to see you there! Oh and don't forget to say hi :)
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My Blog Site Was Hacked!

My blog site has been hacked for almost 1 week! and I am so happy to have regained access to it today. Probably the scariest exerience I ever had since I started blogging. After gaining access I immediately checked the blog site's admin feature: template, privacy, Google clicks and even photos, all seems to be as it was. Email used for login credential is also in tact. Whew! Lesson learn in password maintenance, I'd say!
I was hacked
But for some reason, I still feel like the hacker did not hack my account for nothing. I feel like they still have some form of bug planted somewhere inside the admin area of my blog. I'm so paranoid! I hate cyber squatters! This ordeal made me change my password 4 times only for today.

I just hope the works of bloggers like us are more protected online. If it means paying for more, I don't mind. For as long as you know you have a stractured solution during times like this.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo -The Latest Bench Pair

The awesome pair of Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo, or more commonly known as #TomDen, heads the latest jeans style of Bench Clothing. The show My Husband's Lover maybe soon over this week, but the craze over these two cute hunks is not stopping any soon.

The photo below is from the OJ Flex Men's Colored Jeggings. I've tried one myself and it's really comfy and stylish. I'll soon post a What I Wore blog and post it. For now, salivate as Dennis and Tom smiles for you wearing the latest pair of jeans from Bench Clothing.

Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez

Don't you just love their love team?

Are You An Abusive LOL User?

Don't you just notice how others abusively use the acronym LOL? Yup, I'm referring to the Internet lingo which means Laugh Out Loud. In most cases, LOL is used appropriately to describe how hilarious a scene or a situation may be. On certain occasions, however,  you just could not figure why the person used LOL.

I'm referring to these occasions...

I don't know if that time will come that I'll laugh so hard when there's traffic! 

And how about this  morbid usage of LOL?

Well, I have one more saved in my phone's inbox. How about this LOL case?

These are actual text messages sent to me. That's why I'd like to say sorry if you'll ever notice it was you who sent the message to me! LOL ( and I really mean I'm LOL-ing)

Have a great week to all! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

What I Wore - Red and Wet (Episode 33)

Friday night, yesterday, was another moment when motorists and passengers were tested to maintain their cool. In fact, it took me 2 grueling hours to reach work. Friday traffic is bad enough plus you have heavy rains and the homecoming of Meagan Young. Well, I think holding the parade on a late Friday afternoon, within the business center of the country is insanely STUPID! Don't get me wrong, I'm all into celebrating our country wining Ms. World 2013; but to hassle the citizen by adding up to our ever horrendous road traffic is a brainless concept! That's why TGIF to me nowadays means, Traffic Goes Insanely Frantic! 

These chaos however cannot kill my high spirit. That's why I had to wear my lucky and favorite color for good vibes.

The fashion brands:

Red classic Lacoste shirt
Folded and Hung Slim Cut Jeans
Shoes by Call It Spring
Red Wet Look Jacket by Giordano
Eyewear by SwissFlex, Lens by Essilor
Brown criss-cross belt by Esprit
Accessories by SM Accessories

What I Wore - Red and Wet (Episode 33)
And let's not forget about skincare, makeup and scent!

Belo SunExpert  for my daily sunblock
Phytogenic Infinite Foundation by The Face Shop
Belo Anti-perspirant Deo
Polo Sports Green
Fix Clay Doh

Skincare, Makeup and Scent
Here's the complete look...

Fashion Blog on Fierce Blogs

Monday, October 7, 2013

How to Remove Unwanted Hair On Nose Area

Most of us seem to have this problem of having unwanted hair on our nose area. I'm not referring to the nostrils, I'm referring to the hair on the surface of the nose. I think both men and women have this concern. My solution most of the time is to have it removed during my Glycopeel Cleaning at The Belo Medical Group. But when you're busy (well, most of us are), my instant fix is something you can buy at any Watsons Branch Nationwide.

It's been a while since I've known Glam Works Nose Pore Strips. I'd say, maybe a good 5 years of experience. And so far, it has not failed me to remove the unwanted hair at the tip of my nose. What is really great about this product is the price. Glam Works Nose Strip is very affordable. 

Try it! You'll see how much unwanted hair it'll remove after the session. 

Stay looking young and supple, everyone! Great Monday to all.

DISCLAIMER: The use of Nose Pore Strip is not a substitute to a full Facial Treatment. Read the cautions before even using.

Pore Strip

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Louis Vuitton City Tote Bag - Tadao Damier Graphite Canvass

I'm in love! You are definitely going to be part of my bucketlist! The price is just overwhelming! I can't afford you haha 

Product Details of Louis Vuitton City Tote Bag:
( Width x Height x Depth ) 14.6 x 16.1 x 4.7 inches

- Leather trimmings
- Cotton lining
- Silver brass pieces
- Can be carried by hand or on the shoulder
This is priced at USD1,860.00 or roughly PHP80,000.00 

Louis Vuitton City Tote Bag - Tadao Damier Graphite

What I Wore - Powder Blue Sunday (Episode 33)

Share Weekend means dressing down to your comfy look but still having fun.

The brands:

Eyewear by SwissFlex
Powder Blue Polo Shirt by Oxygen Clothing
Beige Capri Pants by American Eagle Outfitters
High cut Shoes by Lacoste
Accessories by SM Acessories

What I Wore - Powder Blue Sunday

What I Wore -Fierce Blogs

Blue Bracelet by SM Accessories

Lacoste High Cut Shoes

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