Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jennylyn Mercado - Skincare Secret Revealed

Have you seen Jennylyn Mercado lately? One can only notice how radiant and healthy-looking her skin is. So, today, we will reveal her secret in looking fairer and blemish-free.
Jennylyn Mercado uses a treatment that  effectively lessens and erases pigments such as  melasma    , age spots , even different color of tattoos and freckles. The treatment is called REVLITE PIGMENT CLARIFYING LASER available only at Belo Medical Group. In fact, I have tried the treatment and really happy of the effects even after my first session. Link of that blog here.
Benefits of Revite Pigment Clarifying Laser:
  •     skin is tightened
  •     acne scars are reduced
  •     wrinkles and fine lines are diminished
  •     pores are minimized
  •     oil production is lessened
If you want to know more about Revlite, call Belo at 819-BELO (2356)

Photos of Jennylyn Mercado:


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