Monday, September 23, 2013

Effective and Safe Diet Pill

I've been trying to lose an extra 10 pounds but the "will" to do it is just too frail! I love to eat like most people do; but lately, I've been really pigging-out :( So, in short, I'm in the hunt for a product that will help me achieve my goal of losing 10 more pounds.

So, I started taking Belo Supplement Pills last Tuesday, 17 September. It is important to know that the Belo Diet Pill is part of their prescriptive medicines. In short, a close supervision of a medical practitioner is a must before you get to purchase and use this pill.

How was my experience in taking Belo Diet Pill?

Belo Diet Pill

Day 1 and 2, nothing drastic in terms of observation - I still get hungry but I noticed I get thirsty most of the time which requires me to drink lots of water.

Day 3, I easily get full so I tend to eat less. Again, I drink lots of water since I get thirsty.

Day 4, food cravings is less that my normal but the need to drink water is obvious.

Day 5 I'm becoming used to eating little and also getting accustomed to drinking lots of liquid.

After 5 days of taking Belo Diet Pill, I already lost 2 pounds. I'm happy at this point and will continue to take the pill every morning, after breakfast.

I'll make a follow up blog to share my experience.

Have a great week to all :)

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