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Belo Medical - Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser Review

I've been wanting to try a treatment that would tighten my facial pores and lighten some pigmentation at my right cheek area. So, I made a research on Belo Medical Group website as to best treatment I can try to improve the texture of my skin and at same time address my enlarging pores. And so, I tried Belo Medical Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser.
Here's my full review about Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser.
My Skin Care
I relatively have a good skin. But as I mentioned, I wanted to improve the overall texture and condition of my skin. I wear make-up almost everyday. For me to be able to maintain a healthy skin, I go to Belo Medical once a month for my Glycopeel Cleaning and Power Peel (you can check my blog archive about these treatments). For my nightly regiment, I use DLC cream and ZO Zebatrol Pads as alternate. But due to my age, I need to address my enlarging pores; if you are not aware,  men's facial pores become bigger as we age. Sad isn't it? Urgh!
Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser Review
Sunday, Belo Medical Group, Residence Branch, I made an appointment to try the latest offering of The Belo Medical Group in terms of skin rejuvenation. My appointment was 3:33 PM and I was immediately ushered to a private room where the FAQs of Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser were discussed to me. It is very important to know what the treatment is. On top of what you have read online, it is imperative that you discuss to your attending doctors all your concerns. Of course, I went through this step.
After the talk, the assistant cleansed my face in preparation for the treatment. The doctor once again checks the condition of my skin and discussed my problem areas and proposed a solution on how these can be addressed. My attending doctor prepared me for Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser experience. She mentioned that there would be a bit of pain as the laser touches the area of my face with hair. The pain is more like a rubber band being snapped to your face. I actually told her, "It okay Doc. I can take it:.

The photo below is Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser machine.

Since your eyes were covered through out the session, the doctor would notify you that she will now start the procedure The first touch of the laser can be a little bit shocking. It's not actually painful but there's a bit of heat pressed to you face. You can also smell that something is burning. More like the scent of a burning rubber. If you have tried CO2 Laser, that's the smell I am referring to. On a scale of pain level from 1 to 10 (10 being the most painful), I'd say majority of the session is at 4. However, there are some painful areas: around the mouth and below your eyes. The pain at these areas is around 7 - 8. Overall, the pain is very much tolerable. Promise!
The doctor performed Revlite to half of my face first so I can see the difference. Here's are some photos:

It is pretty obvious which side of my face has already gone through the treatment. It looks healthier, lighter, tighter and lifted. Yes, in one session, you will already benefit from Revlite. And for me, that is really amazing! The laser was also applied to my mustache and beard area, these areas are the most painful  areas but very rewarding. The shadow and ingrow hair we all get after shaving disappeared! That's why this treatment works well also to our armpits.
The treatment only lasted for 45 minutes.
After the treatment, your face will be a bit pinkish. It would not swell so that alone is magnificent!
There's very little downtime. After 2 hours I applied powder because I had to go to an event. In fact, I could say, there's no downtime at all. The pinkish effect is very unnoticeable.
Overall, Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser is a WONDER TREATMENT! I suggest you try this at Belo Medical Group. After the treatment I had coffee with close friends and they immediately noticed how fresh and tight my skin is. Well, they were all convinced that they called Belo Med for an appointment. (Haha)

Call Belo Medical to know more about Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser - (02) 819-2356.
On a similar note, Jennylyn Mercado is the Belo Med endorser of Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser.
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Magkano yang treatment na yan?

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ive been following your blog.. sana nga may prices.

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All over the body kya meron ganyan

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All over the body kya meron ganyan

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