Monday, September 30, 2013

Starbucks Card - Consistently Offline

It was actually exciting when the news that Starbucks will launch a debit card type of purchase. In fact, I got the card on the same day they launched it. But ever since the release, I already had 7 frustrating incidents of service downtime! At first I thought the downtime was because of its birth pains; however, I think that's really how lousy the service is.

So far, I encountered downtime at these Starbucks Branches:

1. Starbucks Glorietta 4
2. Starbucks Shaw (World Corporate Center)
3. Starbucks Insular Life Ayala
4. Starbucks People Support Ayala
5. Starbucks Mall of Asia 
6. Starbucks 6750 Ayala
7. Starbucks One San Miguel Avenue 

Actually the more it gets frustrating when you have cash value in your Starbucks Card and you can't use it. Instead, you have to pay in cash. And because the card service is offline, you also can't event redeem your free drink. 

Have you experience this to?

Stampede Launches Branch in Market! Market!

September 29, Sunday, marked the official launch of the latest shoe brand for men, Stampede. The event was held in Market! Market! and was graced by bloggers and FHM model, Abby Poblador. The fashion event started at 2:00 in the afternoon; featuring two sessions of mob fashion show around their newly open branch inside "The Alley". Well, I was actually a bit late arriving at the event because of difficulty looking for a parking space in High Street. But luckily, I was still able to check the shop and the display of shoes in time.

Stampede Shoes

Stampede Shoes

Stampede Shoes
If I were to describe the style of Stampede, it would probably be practical - which is what really is important nowadays. Their display of men's shoes are both practical in terms of design and approach and at the same time will not hurt your budget much. Ranging from office wear and weekend comfort, their men's shoes are up-to-trend to what's hot in the market. Stampede shoe design is also diverse and has something to offer to the young and not-so-young market. In short, they cater to everyone in the family.

Since I'm not that young anymore (I can't believe I just admitted it), here's the shoes I got for myself.

To get a feel of what transpired during the Stampede Launch Blitz, here are some photos:

Abby Poblador at Stampede Launch

Stampede Men's Shoes

What I Wore - Fierce Blogs

Bloggers, Angeline Rodriguez and Gerd Perez
 Currently, there are 2 branches of Stampede. One is at Farmer's Cubao (2nd Level) and the latest is in Market! Market! (Ground Floor). To know more about Stampede brand, you may visit and like their Facebook page here.

To Stampede, congratulation to your latest branch and thanks for having Fierce Blogs.

Great week ahead to all!

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Effective and Safe Diet Pill

I've been trying to lose an extra 10 pounds but the "will" to do it is just too frail! I love to eat like most people do; but lately, I've been really pigging-out :( So, in short, I'm in the hunt for a product that will help me achieve my goal of losing 10 more pounds.

So, I started taking Belo Supplement Pills last Tuesday, 17 September. It is important to know that the Belo Diet Pill is part of their prescriptive medicines. In short, a close supervision of a medical practitioner is a must before you get to purchase and use this pill.

How was my experience in taking Belo Diet Pill?

Belo Diet Pill

Day 1 and 2, nothing drastic in terms of observation - I still get hungry but I noticed I get thirsty most of the time which requires me to drink lots of water.

Day 3, I easily get full so I tend to eat less. Again, I drink lots of water since I get thirsty.

Day 4, food cravings is less that my normal but the need to drink water is obvious.

Day 5 I'm becoming used to eating little and also getting accustomed to drinking lots of liquid.

After 5 days of taking Belo Diet Pill, I already lost 2 pounds. I'm happy at this point and will continue to take the pill every morning, after breakfast.

I'll make a follow up blog to share my experience.

Have a great week to all :)

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Teejay Marquez - The Private Conversation ( @teejaymarquez )

Sunday, September 15, Fierce Blogs had the chance to do a private interview with heartthrob, Teejay Marquez. It was in fact a very light interview about Social Media, fashion and even fitness. Before preparing my interview questions, I searched the net to know what information it has to offer for Teejay. Well, sadly, the Internet provided a lot of trashy and gossip articles.  As you are aware, Fierce Blogs is not about gossips or anything malicious. Instead, I prepared questions that is really light; and at the same time, would understand the fashion sense and day-to-day activity of Teejay Marquez.
Teejay Marquez on Fierce Blogs
On Social Media
According to Teejay, he is an online addict and sees to it he maintains his relationship with his girlfriend - his mobile phone.
"I'm online almost everytime. I use almost everything. But I'm currently hooked on Instagram. I love posting InstaVideo so my followers can know me more."
I couldn't agree more. If you look at his Instagram and Twitter account, Teejay is very active which his followers really appreciate, for sure. They get to interact with Teejay and that itself makes the sought-after artist of GMA7 very accessible.
You can follow Teejay Marquez on Instagram and Twitter using the handle, @teejaymarquez
On Fashion and Style
Admittedly, Teejay is into Hipster-type of get-up. That means his fashion sense is not very mainstream and would tend to lean towards an individual look specific to the hot celebrity. Hipster dressing can also be dictated by the type of music the individual is inclined to listen to.  On that note, hipster means standing out in the crowd simply by wearing who you really are.
On specific brands when it comes to fashion, here's what the youngster has to comment:
"I love slim jeans or anything that fits me well. When it comes to shirts, I prefer to wear plain shirts from Giodano, Penshoppe, Molecules and Uniqlo. Then when it comes to shoes and watch it's very  specific to Mariodboro, Cardams, Forever 21 and Unisilver."
Then the Q and A shifted to day-today activity...
Did you know that the 3 must-haves items for Teejay are the following:
  1. Cellphone
  2. Money
  3. Key
In that specific order, that is. Well, cellphone comes first after all. I can totally relate to this!
On Fitness and Wellness
No matter how busy Teejay maybe from shooting and guesting, he makes it a point to regularly visit Golds Gym for a good sweat and exercise. After all, he has a goal of one day making it to the roster of models who bravely parades for Cosmo Philippines. Well, for sure it's only a matter of time before he gets to be invited to join the prestigious, annual event.
For the final part of the interview, Teejay would like to relay this message to his legions of followers.
"Thank you and I love you friends! For your love and  supports,  you are one of the reasons I'm still here so lets fly!"
Teejay Marquez was indeed born to live in front of the bright lights of the camera. His charisma is far to none and can be infectious at times. With the elements of great looks, talents and the perfect timing, it's only a matter of time for us to witness and see the magnitude of stardom Teejay will achieve.
To Teejay, thank you very much for accommodating the interview with Fierce Blogs. All the best and see you on Internet where interaction can be achieved by a single click.
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Jennylyn Mercado - Skincare Secret Revealed

Have you seen Jennylyn Mercado lately? One can only notice how radiant and healthy-looking her skin is. So, today, we will reveal her secret in looking fairer and blemish-free.
Jennylyn Mercado uses a treatment that  effectively lessens and erases pigments such as  melasma    , age spots , even different color of tattoos and freckles. The treatment is called REVLITE PIGMENT CLARIFYING LASER available only at Belo Medical Group. In fact, I have tried the treatment and really happy of the effects even after my first session. Link of that blog here.
Benefits of Revite Pigment Clarifying Laser:
  •     skin is tightened
  •     acne scars are reduced
  •     wrinkles and fine lines are diminished
  •     pores are minimized
  •     oil production is lessened
If you want to know more about Revlite, call Belo at 819-BELO (2356)

Photos of Jennylyn Mercado:


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Niccolo Jose's Remnants Exhibit - More Photos

Have you read my blog about Niccolo Jose's solo exhibit held at Altro Mondo at Greenbelt 5? If you failed to read that blog, you can still check the archive by clicking this link.
For now, I would like to share more photos taken during that night. By merely looking at them, you can just imagine the superb artistry Niccolo has to offer to all art aficionados.
Niccolo Jose
Kuh Ledezma and Niccolo Jose
Niccolo Jose
 (L-R Kuh Ledezma, Joseph Biggel, Lou Garcia and Jemuel Cainglet Salterio)
You can also check similar blogs published about the art works of Niccolo Jose:
To anyone interested to check his work, visit Niccolo Jose's studio at Suite 227, 2nd Floor LRI Design Plaza, 210 N. Garcia Street, Bel-Air Makati City.

Follow Niccolo on Twitter - @@NiccoloJose or visit his website -

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What I Wore - Under The Weather (Episode 31)

I've been feeling feverish ever since I got back from my recent trip  to Boracay Island. But work comes first all the time. So, I have to drag my weak body and pretend everything is just fine. Instead of succumbing to the ill-feeling, I felt like layering up to be warm and comfortable last Friday.
Here's What I Wore Episode 31:
Plain White Shirt by Oxygen
Midnight Blue Sweat Shirt by Zara
Spiral Brown Belt by Esprit
Metallic Blue Jeans by Bench Overhaul
Green Dress Socks by Oxygen
Olive Green Boots by Call It Spring
Watch by Lacoste
What I Wore - Fashion
What I Wore - Fashion

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Who Wants A FREE Breast Augmentation From Belo Med?

This should be the fiercest online contest I've probably heard off!
Belo Medical Group is hosting an online contest wherein the winning entry will win a FREE Breast Augmentation. Yes, you read it right. The prize at stake is a FREE Breast Augmentation from the pioneer of surgical & non-surgical beauty breakthroughs.

 FREE Breast Augmentation From By Belo Med

It's very simple how to JOIN this contest. All you need to do is share to Belo Med how having a small breast is like and why you would want to have it enhanced. There are 5 simple steps in making your entry official:
  1. Register
  2. Watch the video
  3. Agree with the Terms
  4. Tell your story
  5. Upload your photo
Here's the official Facebook page of this contest - CLICK ME!
Join now and all the best ladies!
Deadline of entries is on October 20, 2013
Announcement of winner will be on November 20, 2013
For some inspiration videos, here's Diana Menezes, Phoemela Baranda, and Dorothy Espiritu talk about there wonderful experience.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Iphone 5S and Iphone 5C Unveiled

Now, everyone is going crazy over the latest offering of the most expensive fruit on earth - Apple that is! In a recent launch, Apple unveils their latest and hottest Iphone model from the series 5 family Iphone 5S and Iphone 5C (their names are starting to sound like breast sizes to me).

Iphone 5S and Iphone 5C
Iphone 5C - The model comes in green, blue, yellow, pink and white. The most colorful Iphone collections to date. Sort of high quality, classy, plastic phones. My research also says that this may be the cheapest Iphone ever launch in the market. Iphone 5C is more of a variant of Iphone 5.
Iphone 5S - Obviously an improved version of Iphone 5. This time around this version offers a fingerprint sensor/touch ID password feature. So far, the best security feature Iphone has to offer. It also offers slow motion videos, better camera and 64 bit processor for faster speed.

The question is, how soon can Philippine market bite these latest Apple collection? Well, for now, enjoy these video demo for appreciation.
Iphone 5S video demo

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Belo Medical - Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser Review

I've been wanting to try a treatment that would tighten my facial pores and lighten some pigmentation at my right cheek area. So, I made a research on Belo Medical Group website as to best treatment I can try to improve the texture of my skin and at same time address my enlarging pores. And so, I tried Belo Medical Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser.
Here's my full review about Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser.
My Skin Care
I relatively have a good skin. But as I mentioned, I wanted to improve the overall texture and condition of my skin. I wear make-up almost everyday. For me to be able to maintain a healthy skin, I go to Belo Medical once a month for my Glycopeel Cleaning and Power Peel (you can check my blog archive about these treatments). For my nightly regiment, I use DLC cream and ZO Zebatrol Pads as alternate. But due to my age, I need to address my enlarging pores; if you are not aware,  men's facial pores become bigger as we age. Sad isn't it? Urgh!
Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser Review
Sunday, Belo Medical Group, Residence Branch, I made an appointment to try the latest offering of The Belo Medical Group in terms of skin rejuvenation. My appointment was 3:33 PM and I was immediately ushered to a private room where the FAQs of Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser were discussed to me. It is very important to know what the treatment is. On top of what you have read online, it is imperative that you discuss to your attending doctors all your concerns. Of course, I went through this step.
After the talk, the assistant cleansed my face in preparation for the treatment. The doctor once again checks the condition of my skin and discussed my problem areas and proposed a solution on how these can be addressed. My attending doctor prepared me for Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser experience. She mentioned that there would be a bit of pain as the laser touches the area of my face with hair. The pain is more like a rubber band being snapped to your face. I actually told her, "It okay Doc. I can take it:.

The photo below is Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser machine.

Since your eyes were covered through out the session, the doctor would notify you that she will now start the procedure The first touch of the laser can be a little bit shocking. It's not actually painful but there's a bit of heat pressed to you face. You can also smell that something is burning. More like the scent of a burning rubber. If you have tried CO2 Laser, that's the smell I am referring to. On a scale of pain level from 1 to 10 (10 being the most painful), I'd say majority of the session is at 4. However, there are some painful areas: around the mouth and below your eyes. The pain at these areas is around 7 - 8. Overall, the pain is very much tolerable. Promise!
The doctor performed Revlite to half of my face first so I can see the difference. Here's are some photos:

It is pretty obvious which side of my face has already gone through the treatment. It looks healthier, lighter, tighter and lifted. Yes, in one session, you will already benefit from Revlite. And for me, that is really amazing! The laser was also applied to my mustache and beard area, these areas are the most painful  areas but very rewarding. The shadow and ingrow hair we all get after shaving disappeared! That's why this treatment works well also to our armpits.
The treatment only lasted for 45 minutes.
After the treatment, your face will be a bit pinkish. It would not swell so that alone is magnificent!
There's very little downtime. After 2 hours I applied powder because I had to go to an event. In fact, I could say, there's no downtime at all. The pinkish effect is very unnoticeable.
Overall, Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser is a WONDER TREATMENT! I suggest you try this at Belo Medical Group. After the treatment I had coffee with close friends and they immediately noticed how fresh and tight my skin is. Well, they were all convinced that they called Belo Med for an appointment. (Haha)

Call Belo Medical to know more about Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser - (02) 819-2356.
On a similar note, Jennylyn Mercado is the Belo Med endorser of Revlite Pigment Clarity Laser.
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SPOTTED: Joseph Biggel of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited

Fierce Blogs spotted, Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited” (PBB) third placer, Joseph Biggel, during the art exhibit of Niccolo Jose held at Greenbelt 5 last August 29, 2013. At first glance, I didn't recognize the down-to-earth looker; Biggel (as he is better know) has developed to a young, fine man. He no longer wore the Mohawk--hairstyle he once made he's trademark; the 21-year old native of Marinduque is now sporting a brush-up, neat cut.
I had the chance to chat with Biggel the same night so I grabbed the opportunity to interview him(informally that is). So, what's the latest with Joseph Biggel?
His mother network, ABS-CBN, is currently working on repackaging him as an artist. In fact, he will be re-launched this coming April 2014 as a better and improved artist. Biggel goes to the gym almost everyday to gain muscles and attends regular speech lessons to neutralize his native accent. I can only imagine the hard work Biggel is devoting towards this achieving this goal. And by the looks of it, he has done a great job achieving this.
The photos below were taken last Wednesday during the event.

Joseph Biggel

To all the fans of Biggel, you have 8 more months to wait before you witness his transformation both as an artist and a person. For now, you can follow him in Twitter for updates - @IamJosephBiggel
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