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Why Is Daniel Padilla Famous?

Alright, before you react negatively or violently about this blog, please read it completely with an open mind to fully understand the point. This is not a hate blog about Daniel Padilla; instead, it's an examination of why the 18-year-old is the hottest male commodity in local showbiz.

Daniel Padilla
Undeniably, Daniel John Ford Padilla, a.k.a Daniel Padilla, is the hottest male artist ABS-CBN currently has to offer in their roster of talents. From hit teleseryes to growing product endorsements; anything that Daniel touches turn to gold! One would probably wonder, why and what makes him one of the most sought-after celebrity of his time. Why is Daniel Padilla famous?
His Acting
Daniel Padilla has made television and movie appearances wherein he played minor and main roles. This goes as far back as 2010 playing Daniel Ledesma in the hit series, "Gimick 2010". From then on, it has been a chain of blockbuster materials from the youngster.
Still you ask, why and what makes him extremely successful on both the small and big screen? There's nothing magnificent in his acting prowess and there has been no artistic material that has stretched his acting depth. So far, it has been a sequence of teeny-bopper roles that makes the fans squirm.
His Voice and Concerts
So far, there have been 2 studio and 2 compilation albums under his belt. All turned platinum, even double, in terms of sales. Again, we ask, how can Daniel achieve this much recognition in music? Fact is, a lot of artists are better crooners and belters; and less nasal when they sing. And yet, the highly-celebrated actor can pack a stadium any time of the day.
Oh, and he can sometimes be off tune during live performances. Still, the screaming fans couldn't care less about it. All they see is their young hero performing, on stage, with full smiles. Nothing else matter.
The question still remains, 'Why Is Daniel Padilla Famous"?
Timing has a lot to do on why Daniel Padilla is more famous nowadays than the president of our country. Local showbiz is in need of another protagonist who will succeed the calibers of Piolo Pascual and Ding Dong Dantes; who have transitioned from doing bubblegum-pop roles to serious, adult assignments. Daniel was willing and able to carry on the legacy of the "Kilig King" - and he's done an incredible job, so far. Truly, actor/recording artist/model, Padilla, is worthy to take over the pre-empted fame and prestige.
This, however, is not the foremost reason why Daniel Padilla is enjoying his new found fame and success. If there are two dynamics that contribute to the stature of Daniel today, it boils down to his looks that could melt both the female an male audience; and above all, it's the innate charisma he emits anywhere he goes and whatever he does. A trait that can never be taught and can never be faked. No one can be a poser of charms and appeal. It's either you have it, or not. These are the fields where Dnaiel Padilla is truly gifted - Padilla brood of hotness and the unparalleled charms to die for.
Indeed, Daniel Padilla is worthy of all the praises and loyalty of his legions of followers.
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