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The Artisty of Niccolo Jose - Remnants

August 29, Makati City, Fierce Blogs attended an event where first-class talent and ingenuity collided. It was also on the same night when people from various sectors witnessed a collection of sculptural pieces that resonates emotion within the 4 corners of Altro Mondo at Greenbelt 5.
Niccolo Jose - Remnant Exhibit

Niccolo Jose - Remnant Exhibit
Once again, Fierce Blogs shares to you a rare event featuring the newest golden boy of arts and craftsmanship. Dubbed as "Remnants", artist and sculptor, Niccolo Jose, opened his second solo exhibit. When the 26-year old artist was asked about what he thinks of art, here's what he has got to say...
"There's different kinds of art, the point is, I'm making art every day and that's well for me, that's how I remember my day. It's exciting when you can start a small idea and all those small ideas come to something, something with emotions, that's really what art is. You're putting emotions into an intangible object, and that's always what I think about, what is emotion, and how the people will react to it. I draw my satisfaction from that, if I'm able to communicate properly with what I feel, and that's what I want people to see."

And that's exactly how I felt as I observe his artwork that speaks of passion and sincerity. I may be not as cultured in the world of art exhibit, but surely; I know how to appreciate beauty as a result of laborious hours of work. What is also worth knowing is, when you buy the work of Niccolo Jose, you also buy a part of history. This is because the artist only uses wood that was once part of history.

"There's a big difference between buying a simple chair that would be worth, say, a thousand pesos compared to one of these (referring to his work) because you're basically buying a piece of Philippine history."

My favorite piece of all Niccolo Jose's work is "The Catalyst". Here's photo of the said art.

I'll be posting more photos tomorrow from the exhibit of Niccolo on my Facebook page. Watch out for it.
"Remnants" exhibit will run from August 29 - September 14 at the Altro Mondo Gallery in Greenbelt 5.
Niccolo Jose also has his own website. You can check his work here -
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging this, Eric! I love his work. I'll drop by his exhibit this weekend. Linda

Anonymous said...

I passed by the area earlier and saw you. Great work of Niccolo, I agree! Clap clap clap! Diego

Anonymous said...

His pieces are interesting. You know much is the range?

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