Friday, August 2, 2013

BDO App Launched

Share As of blog time, BDO App is the most downloaded application in App Store. So, to serve my fierce curiosity, I downloaded it this morning.

At first, I thought the BDO App is a substitute version for its online banking feature. Instead, it's an app where you can track deals in dining, shopping, wellness, travel and some online promos. Part of it feature is to locate nearby friends who has downloaded sine the app would require you to turn on your locator. 

Oh, and it allows you to get a promo or deal suggestion by shaking your Iphone while BDO App is open.

Here's the menu of BDO App:

If you are into spotting the latest deals and promo firsthand, BDO App ideal for you. All it takes is a quick shake and in a snap you'll get the latest available deals on shopping, wellness, travel and a whole lot more!

Download it now and have a great Friday Fierce Bloggers!


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