Monday, July 15, 2013

My Husband's Lover - THE ENDINGS that Should Never happen!

By now, a lot of my readers are aware that I'm addicted to GMA-7's My Husband's Lover soap. Unfortunately, I only watch online since the 9.30PM weeknight airtime conflicts with my work schedule. But hey, I am not complaining watching it a few hours after its original telecast on TV. It works just fine.

My Husband's Lover - Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez
Well, I am just one of the thousands of watchers who tune in to witness how the show unfolds. Unlike how most soap, the phasing of #MHL is just so snappy. Missing a single episode would probably mean slight disconnection. With the right soap vehicle, appropriate acting and right cast, I think the soap is worthy of  the success. But have you ever wonder how My Husband's Lover? Don't worry, this blog is no spoiler alert. Rather, I only want to share how the production should not end the show. In short, ayoko syang mag-end like these...
  1. Lally will accept Vincent; Vincent will settle to stay in his marriage (for the kids' sake); while Eric travels back to US to find another BF.
  2. Let all the characters be HAPPY! Lally and Eric share Vincent in their lives. More of how the movie Pusong Mamon ended.
  3. Vincent is eternally rejected by Lally and his family. He lives miserably along with Eric on his side.
  4. Lally and Vincent migrate to a place where no one can find them; Eric ends up being the miserable one.
  5. Vincent kills himself because of too much depression. Lally and Eric transcends from being enemies to BFF.
  6. Eric meets a new BF and completely move-on from his Vincent chapter. Lally and Vincent stay together.
For me, this is the acceptable endings...
  1. Lally finds a new love, accepts and forgive Vincent. Vincent and Eric to finally express their love openly.
  2. Lally to die because of an accident (or whatever cause)! Vincent and Eric to finally express their love openly.
  3. Lally to just diappear all of a sudden LOL and of course - Vincent and Eric to finally express their love openly.
  4. Lally joins the convent; while Vincent and Eric to finally express their love openly.
  5. Worst of all ending is, Vincent becomes STRAIGHT! They'll make his character appear that his homosexuality is only a phase in his adult life.
 On a serious note, the writers should be able to uphold what they have started right by NOT dealing with the stereotypes of gay relationships. In the same token, they should not be on how the various sectors would react to where they will lead the story. It should be as real and realistic as possible (as how they have depicted it so far). Come to think of it, our lives (straight or gay) are not dependent on if the Catholic Church will approve it or not.

Let's all wait and see.

Have a great week to all!

My Husband's Lover - Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez
(photo courtesy of GMA-7's Facebook account)
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