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Belo Acupuncture Facial

For our Sunday Special Feature on Fierce Blogs (, I'm going to share a skincare treatment The Belo Group is offering to the market. It's called Belo Acupuncture Facial. I have always wanted to try this new offering of Belo Med but never had the chance to book the appointment. Until today, Sunday, I had the opportunity to personally try Acupuncture Facial.

Belo Acupuncture Facial

Belo Acupuncture Facial
A little background before I share my experience, in the States, they call this treatment Acupuncture Facelift. So, do not be confused; Acupuncture Facial and  Acupuncture Facelift is the same treatment.
What is Belo Acupuncture Facial?
It is  a relaxing procedure that makes use of 30 tiny needles strategically placed on your face: eye area, cheeks, above the jawline and nose. The procedure promotes improved blood flow in your face and muscle tone around the area that was treated. Overall, you will also benefit with an improved skin pigmentation. If you suffer from dark spots, Belo Acupuncture Facial is an ideal procedure to go through.
The Acupuncture Facial is a series of treatment for you to benefit its full reward. You will however noticed that after your first session, your face will have an immediate lift (minor) particularly at the cheek area. As prescribed by Dr. Nikki Ruiz of The Belo Medical Group, it's best to go through Acupuncture Facial once a week for the whole month. Eventually, you can do once a month treatment followed by Glycolic Facial and Power Peel. This is the ultimate skincare treatment so to speak.
Belo Acupuncture Treatment
Before you go through Acupuncture Facial, of course, you need to be checked by a doctor. Just to make sure that your skin is healthy to undergo such treatment. This is followed by a medical checklist to avoid complications (if there is). More of precaution measures in medicine. It is important to know that there might be some tiny bruising (to some patients), in case a vein is hit. But this is something you shouldn't be worried of. It's completely normal and will eventually go away.
Once you've cleared both steps, your skin will be prepared and cleansed before Acupuncture Facial is performed. The tiny needles will then be placed in your face; starting from the forehead, temple and eye area, checks, above the jawline and nose. All in all, there are 30 tiny needles.
Does it hurt? NOT AT ALL. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd  say it's a 1.
You rest for 15 minutes while the needles stay on your face. You need to make sure that you do not open your eyes until the doctor says so.
Removing the needles is also not painful at all! Easy breezy, I should say.
Benefits of Belo Acupuncture Treatment
After my initial treatment, I looked at the mirror and immediately noticed by cheeks are slightly lifted and by eye bags smaller. Looking at the overall condition of my face, it looks rested and healthier before I had the treatment. For sure I am going back for my 2nd session of Belo Acupuncture Facial.
I do not having any bruising or wound at all. It's because the needles are really so tiny. In short, I didn't experience any downtime - and that for me is very important!
I strongly suggest you try the Acupuncture Facial of Belo Med. The benefit of the treatment is immediate and the reward is very noticeable. My friend said that he has never seen my skin so good!



You can inquire about Acupuncture Facial by calling 819.BELO (2356) for Philippines and : +310.742.4843 for International.
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