Friday, July 26, 2013

Fashion Friday 7/26/2013 - Let's Get Fierce

Share 2 weeks ago I started posting Fashion Friday blog post. Today, I'll continue doing the same entry. In fact, I'll do this every Friday for as long as I have the materials :)

My post today is something not new. I wore this outfit December 2012, that's why it has a Christmassy feel. 

Here's a photo:

- Black hat is from Zara Men
- Shirt is from GAP
- Brown Denim is from Bench Overhaul
- Blue watch is from Fossil 
- All accessories are from ALDO

Great Friday to all :) 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Divided Accessory by H & M

Share Great Monday to all!

Here's a short feature blog to welcome the week. It's an accessory from Divided created by H & M. The belt and bracelet go hand in hand in terms of design and print. It's made of pure leather complemented with metal-works. 

Bracelet is PHP250.00 (SRP) and belt is PHP800.00 (SRP).

Other designs are here:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beabi Perfume Refillable Spray

Here's a chic and functional product from Beabi. It enables you to bring your favorite scent anywhere you go. Beabi's PERFUME REFILLABLE SPRAY refills easily from your perfume bottle with no spills and funnels!

• pump action easy fill system 
• lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum body
• fill level indicator window
• 5ml capacity

It comes in gold, silver, purple and fuschia. A bottle costs at Php395.00

Monday, July 15, 2013

My Husband's Lover - THE ENDINGS that Should Never happen!

By now, a lot of my readers are aware that I'm addicted to GMA-7's My Husband's Lover soap. Unfortunately, I only watch online since the 9.30PM weeknight airtime conflicts with my work schedule. But hey, I am not complaining watching it a few hours after its original telecast on TV. It works just fine.

My Husband's Lover - Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez
Well, I am just one of the thousands of watchers who tune in to witness how the show unfolds. Unlike how most soap, the phasing of #MHL is just so snappy. Missing a single episode would probably mean slight disconnection. With the right soap vehicle, appropriate acting and right cast, I think the soap is worthy of  the success. But have you ever wonder how My Husband's Lover? Don't worry, this blog is no spoiler alert. Rather, I only want to share how the production should not end the show. In short, ayoko syang mag-end like these...
  1. Lally will accept Vincent; Vincent will settle to stay in his marriage (for the kids' sake); while Eric travels back to US to find another BF.
  2. Let all the characters be HAPPY! Lally and Eric share Vincent in their lives. More of how the movie Pusong Mamon ended.
  3. Vincent is eternally rejected by Lally and his family. He lives miserably along with Eric on his side.
  4. Lally and Vincent migrate to a place where no one can find them; Eric ends up being the miserable one.
  5. Vincent kills himself because of too much depression. Lally and Eric transcends from being enemies to BFF.
  6. Eric meets a new BF and completely move-on from his Vincent chapter. Lally and Vincent stay together.
For me, this is the acceptable endings...
  1. Lally finds a new love, accepts and forgive Vincent. Vincent and Eric to finally express their love openly.
  2. Lally to die because of an accident (or whatever cause)! Vincent and Eric to finally express their love openly.
  3. Lally to just diappear all of a sudden LOL and of course - Vincent and Eric to finally express their love openly.
  4. Lally joins the convent; while Vincent and Eric to finally express their love openly.
  5. Worst of all ending is, Vincent becomes STRAIGHT! They'll make his character appear that his homosexuality is only a phase in his adult life.
 On a serious note, the writers should be able to uphold what they have started right by NOT dealing with the stereotypes of gay relationships. In the same token, they should not be on how the various sectors would react to where they will lead the story. It should be as real and realistic as possible (as how they have depicted it so far). Come to think of it, our lives (straight or gay) are not dependent on if the Catholic Church will approve it or not.

Let's all wait and see.

Have a great week to all!

My Husband's Lover - Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez
(photo courtesy of GMA-7's Facebook account)
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Fashion Post - Call It Spring Shoes

One can never have enough pair of shoes! Well, at least that applies to me! Hehe :) On that note, I would like to share another Fierce Find to start the week.

Call It Spring Shoes

This time around our major hottie is from Call It Spring Men's Shoe Collection. It's a high-cut, leather boots in Medium gray. The design is bordering between classic and new-aged style that goes well in jeans and shorts. Although he cut is ankle-high, it is very comfortable to wear it for hours of walking.

Here's the full product description:

Model Name: Mendresa
Shoe Sample Size: 8 inches (American Size
Color: Medium Gray
Price: PHP 3,495.00 (USD82.00)

What is more important to know is... Call It Spring is on 50% SALE until supply lasts!!! Visit their website here and follow them on Twitter - @CallItSpring

Call It Spring Shoes

Call It Spring Shoes

Call It Spring Shoes

Call It Spring Shoes

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Addicted to Colorful Dress Socks

Share It's been a while since I got addicted to wearing colorful, printed dress socks. Wearing them just breaks a lot of monotony in men's day to day style. It can also be a way to express how you're feeling for that day.

Since it was Friday yesterday, it's a MUST to wear something playful and happy. Orange it is!

Orange dress socks below us by Oxygen.

Dress Socks by Oxygen

Monday, July 8, 2013

Playful Hipster Underwear by Avon Men's Club

Share Here's a playful underwear print brought to us by Avon Men's Club!


Every now and then, we need to relive the kid in us by wearing playful, printed underwear. The retro rush 3-in-1 hipster brief pack comes in gray, ash blue and deep fatigue. Sizes are available in small, medium and large.

The retro rush 3-in-1 hipster is Php575.00


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Belo Acupuncture Facial

For our Sunday Special Feature on Fierce Blogs (, I'm going to share a skincare treatment The Belo Group is offering to the market. It's called Belo Acupuncture Facial. I have always wanted to try this new offering of Belo Med but never had the chance to book the appointment. Until today, Sunday, I had the opportunity to personally try Acupuncture Facial.

Belo Acupuncture Facial

Belo Acupuncture Facial
A little background before I share my experience, in the States, they call this treatment Acupuncture Facelift. So, do not be confused; Acupuncture Facial and  Acupuncture Facelift is the same treatment.
What is Belo Acupuncture Facial?
It is  a relaxing procedure that makes use of 30 tiny needles strategically placed on your face: eye area, cheeks, above the jawline and nose. The procedure promotes improved blood flow in your face and muscle tone around the area that was treated. Overall, you will also benefit with an improved skin pigmentation. If you suffer from dark spots, Belo Acupuncture Facial is an ideal procedure to go through.
The Acupuncture Facial is a series of treatment for you to benefit its full reward. You will however noticed that after your first session, your face will have an immediate lift (minor) particularly at the cheek area. As prescribed by Dr. Nikki Ruiz of The Belo Medical Group, it's best to go through Acupuncture Facial once a week for the whole month. Eventually, you can do once a month treatment followed by Glycolic Facial and Power Peel. This is the ultimate skincare treatment so to speak.
Belo Acupuncture Treatment
Before you go through Acupuncture Facial, of course, you need to be checked by a doctor. Just to make sure that your skin is healthy to undergo such treatment. This is followed by a medical checklist to avoid complications (if there is). More of precaution measures in medicine. It is important to know that there might be some tiny bruising (to some patients), in case a vein is hit. But this is something you shouldn't be worried of. It's completely normal and will eventually go away.
Once you've cleared both steps, your skin will be prepared and cleansed before Acupuncture Facial is performed. The tiny needles will then be placed in your face; starting from the forehead, temple and eye area, checks, above the jawline and nose. All in all, there are 30 tiny needles.
Does it hurt? NOT AT ALL. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd  say it's a 1.
You rest for 15 minutes while the needles stay on your face. You need to make sure that you do not open your eyes until the doctor says so.
Removing the needles is also not painful at all! Easy breezy, I should say.
Benefits of Belo Acupuncture Treatment
After my initial treatment, I looked at the mirror and immediately noticed by cheeks are slightly lifted and by eye bags smaller. Looking at the overall condition of my face, it looks rested and healthier before I had the treatment. For sure I am going back for my 2nd session of Belo Acupuncture Facial.
I do not having any bruising or wound at all. It's because the needles are really so tiny. In short, I didn't experience any downtime - and that for me is very important!
I strongly suggest you try the Acupuncture Facial of Belo Med. The benefit of the treatment is immediate and the reward is very noticeable. My friend said that he has never seen my skin so good!



You can inquire about Acupuncture Facial by calling 819.BELO (2356) for Philippines and : +310.742.4843 for International.
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Celine Lopez For Rogue Magazine - 6th Anniversary Issue

Have you seen the 6th Anniversary issue of Rogue Magazine? July 2013 issue of Rogue Magazine features Celine Lopez.
Celine Lopez for Rogue Magazine
Celine Lopez Cover Credits:
Photo by: Mark Nicdao
Style by: Pam Quinones
Make up by: Jen Delica
Hair by: Ferdie Santiago
Stylist assisted by: CJ Cruz
Celine Lopez is wearing D and G mixed mohair cardigan and Bulgari Watch.
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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ruffa Gutierrez on Belo Beauty 101 - July 7, 2013

For the episode 3, Season 7 of Belo Beauty 101, premier actor and fashion icon, Ruffa Gutierrez, shares her personal experience about Stem Cell Lipo. The same episode will also tackle a non-surgical nose lift a.k.a "Fillers".

Belo Beauty 101 airs on Sunday, 11:30am, on ANC, SkyCable Channel 27.

See other telecast on attached Belo poster.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lacoste vs Tomato

Share I was browsing through Instagram and saw this on TomatoPH profile. Although they're stating a fact when it comes to pricing (and I own some of their brands' label), I personally feel the blatant  label comparison of TomatoPH is unnecessary  and distasteful. Without sounding any bias, Lacoste has already earned the consumers loyalty, regardless, of its price  , globally. 

Again, it's a fact that Lacoste is more pricey for a lot of reasons.  

Here's a photos captured on Insragram:

Want A Lee Min Ho Ticket Live In Manila?

Share Here's a chance to get free tickets to Lee Min Ho Live in Manila - My Everything Global Tour 2013. This event happens on July 6, (Saturday), at the Mall of Asia Arena.

To get free tickets of Lee Min Ho Live in Manila: 

Folded and Hung Skin Jeans Giveaway

Share Have you seen the latest campaign photo of Sam Milbi for Folded and Hung Skin Jeans? Well, I think it's really sexy and edgy! Speaking of Folded and Hung, the clothing line is hosting a giveaway. Check the details below.

Estee Lauder Day Wear Review

I've been hearing so much noise about Estee Lauder Day Wear. Even my close friend, Jason, highly recommended it to me. So, today, I finally gave in and started using it.
Estee Lauder Day Wear Review
After a week of using Estee Lauder Day Wear, I'll tell you about my experience and make a follow up blog. For some reason, I am really crazy excited about this product. It's a good sign!
Note - Photo courtesy of my friend JSN.
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Taylor Lautner for BENCH - Behind The Scenes @BenchTM

Have you seen the new campaign advertisement shot by the renowned director Anthony Mandler, music director of Rihanna's "Diamonds", featuring Taylor Lautner for BENCH? If not, here's the Behind The Scenes: Taylor Lautner for BENCH

Taylor Lautner

Bench Clothing really brings us nothing but the hottest Benchsetters!

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Luis Manzano, Sam Milbi and KC Concepcion for Salvatore Mann Shoes and Bags @SMSalvatoreMann

Salvatore Mann Shoes and Bags celebrates their fashion and style through the images of Luis Manzano, Sam Milbi and KC Concepcion. The newest and hottest ambassadors of Salvatore Mann Shoes and Bags were recently launched to the media.
Luis Manzano, Sam Milbi and KC Concepcion for Salvatore Mann Shoes and Bags
I should say, the style and quality of Salvatore Mann Shoes and Bags is something we should be proud of. If I were to describe it, it's all about clean, stylish and practical! That's why I am really a fan of their design, most particularly their man bags.
Here are my favorite designs:
Salvatore Mann Shoes and Bags
Salvatore Mann Shoes and Bags

Salvatore Mann Shoes and Bags

Visit SM to check their cool designs or visit the official Facebook page of Salvatore Mann Shoes and Bags here -
Follow Salvatore Mann Shoes and Bags on Twitter here - @SMSalvatoreMann

Note - Photo of Luis Manzano, Sam Milbi and KC Concepcion and shoes courtesy of Salvatore Mann Shoes and Bags Facebook page.
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MINT Clothing New Design - @MintAddict

Mint Addict recently released their new display of Fall and Winter Collection. To name a few of my personal favorites, here are some pictures:

MINT Hoodie
 PRICE: P950.00
MINT Shirt
 PRICE: P650.00

More designs here -

Complete branches of Mint Stores, check this listing:
Official website of Mint -
Email address of Mint -
Facebook Page of Mint -
Twitter account of Mint - @MintAddict

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