Sunday, June 23, 2013

Don't Be An Online Squatter

I was browsing through Facebook and Twitter this afternoon and felt a bit dismayed on how some online users comment and post on their walls. Some would put hate comments, marital problems, sexual innuendos and a lot of personal problems that should REALLY stay private, if you ask me. This actually inspired me to blog some tips on how to avoid being mocked online without your knowledge.

Avoid Profanity
If you naturally have a dirty tongue, this activity is not welcomed online. Unfortunately, there are kids who can read your dirty posts and propagating your irresponsbible posting is something we don't want to happen. Keep it PG 18 and keep it positive!
Be Sensitive
Always be reminded that behind every postings either on Facebook or Twitter is a person. A person who is very much capable of being hurt in every negative comments and criticism you post. Very much, the Golden Rule applies to online behavior
No to Online Wars
If you have taste, then online war is an activity you should not be involved. Allow me to say, It's so cheap. Any wars should not happen online nor in real life.
Abusive Taggers
I know a lot of people (even friends) who abusively tags people in unnecessary photos and quotes. Why? I actually do not get it. If you want attention, the Internet is not a place for you to accomplish this emotion.
Gaming Requests
Not because you enjoy the recent game craze means your friends list share the same sentiments. DO NOT send game request personally to your friends. This is really irritating!
Privacy Please
If you don't value privacy, then you have a very big problem. Your set of friends on Facebook is not interested (contrary to what you think) if you are having diarrhea. Keep the information sharing limited and annoyance-free to read.
Friend Request
If you do not personally know the person, do not click the Friend Request in the hopes of being added. As the phrase itself suggests, it meant to add friends. Otherwise, we can call it Stranger Request, right?
These actually are very simple behavior we can all live up to. If you will notice, these are event basic personal traits we should all have whether online or not.
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