Monday, March 18, 2013

The Fierce and The Ugly - 3.17.2013

The previous week had been hectic from many sources. Don't worry, I will not blab about all of them. Instead, I'll just share the happiest and the no-so-happy events that happened the previous week. Hence, we are calling this blog segment, The Fierce and The Ugly. I'll try to do this weekly; and hopefully post it every Sunday (whenever I can).
The Fierce...
An ex colleague and a good friend arrived from the US and my gang from my previous company had a 2-night reunion - first was at Ugu Bigyan Garden, then at Center Stage along Jupiter, Makati. As usual, here are some photos I can share.
Ugu Bigyan Garden
Ugu Bigyan Garden
Ugu Bigyan Garden
Ugu Bigyan Garden

Ugu Bigyan Garden
Ugu Bigyan Garden

The Ugly...
I almost hit a jeep while driving for work last Friday. I was busy trying to switch the bluetooth of my IPhone so it can connect to the car phone. Little did I know that the Jeep immediately in front of me made a sudden halt. Good thing I had 3 seconds to react and step on the breaks. It was really close! My bad!
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