Saturday, March 23, 2013

Belo Sun Expert Transparent Mist Review

I finally had the chance to hold and try this product today. By now, you know for sure that I am a BIG fan of The Belo brand. So, anything new that they release, I NEED TO TRY IT!
Belo Sun Expert Transparent Mist
Belo Sun Expert Transparent Mist
Our Fierce Find for tonight is the latest offering of Belo Sun Expert in the market. The product is called, Belo Belo Sun Expert Transparent Mist. And here's what I think about the product...
What I love about it:
  • After spraying and spreading the product to your skin, it instantly dries up. I monitored it and it dries up after 10  seconds of application.
  • It's odorless -  this I absolutely like.
  • The bottle is transparent so you'll know how much product is left.
  • When you spray it, it creates a nice even mist to the location. Unlike some that creates more of a spit spray
  • It's non-sticky when it dries. It's like a water is highly volatile.
  • Very affordable at Php449.75 (USD10.70).
Belo Sun Expert Transparent Mist
Wishlist for Belo Sun Expert Transparent Mist:
  • Hope it also comes in smaller bottle. Based on my check it only comes in 100ml. Having a smaller bottle will be easier to put inside your murse and ideal of retouch at the beach area.
All in all Belo Sun Expert Transparent Mist is a definite must-have this summer. Remember, playing under the sun can be a lot of fun. Just make sure to protect your skin by wearing a sunscreen with UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum.
Belo Sun Expert Transparent Mist is available in all Watsons branches. My ultimate personal store.
Great summer to all!
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