Sunday, February 10, 2013

Skin Care Is More Than A Ritual, Its A Lifestyle

I've met a lot of people who once upon their lives became so engrossed with skin care all because they need it. Either they had pimple break-out or skin allergy; for a time they devoted a lot of their time and effort taking care of their skin. But the moment they noticed improvements and progress, they stop. I think this is where the breakdown is when it comes to skin care. Overall, skin care is not a spur of the moment activity, it is more than a commitment, it should be your way of life.
I get a lot of questions, both thru emails and personal, on how they can improve the quality of their skin. But the moment I give them tips and introduce them to basic skin care treatments, they feel like it's a lot to maintain. Actually, I really find this odd considering they want to have clearer skin. Bottomline, there is no overnight solution if you want to achieve a healthier and glowing skin. It really takes time and consistency.
So, what really are the basic things you need to do to improve the overall condition of your skin? Here are some tips Fierce Blogs has for you:
Facial Wash
At a minimum, you need to wash your face twice a day - after waking up and before going to bed. If you are not aware of this or you do not practice this, it's as good as not changing your underwear! Yuck!
Products I Use: Belo Men Skin Whitening Face Wash or Belo Men Oil Control. Depending on your type of skin, you need to make sure you wash your skin properly.
Facial Cleaning
Wear Sunblock
Wear your sunblock everyday. Even if the sun is not up your skin is exposed to elements that speed up the aging of the skin.
Product I Use: Belo Sun Expert. It's not oily and heavy after application.
Mens Skin Care
You do not need to moisturize every night. I do it every 2 days to make sure my skin still produces its natural ability to moisturize itself. A trick I got from Dr. Vicki Belo.
Product I Use: Clinique Dramatically Different

Mens Skin Care
Facial Cleaning
No matter how good your facial wash is, you still need to visit your skin doctor for a monthly facial cleaning. This is to make sure white and black heads are removed before they get infected and later on become an acne.
Product I Use: Belo Glycolic Cleaning
It is ideal to do it after a facial cleaning done by a professional. Exfoliating your skin once a month promotes a healthier and youthful glowing skin.
Product I Use: Belo Powerpeel
As I mentioned, taking care of our skin should be a lifestyle. It can never be temporary and expect that your skin will be clear and supple everyday. Well, unless you really have a good gene!
Men's Skin Care
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