Monday, February 18, 2013

Ang Tunay Na Lalaki... (A Straight Man...)

On our way to Tagaytay last weekend, we had to make a stop at Petron to buy some drinks and what not. We were actually on our way for  a gruelling business planning; thus, we need of liquids to keep us up all night. We had little to no sleep so most are a bit sluggish and slow -  including me.
We were already paying when I spotted this...

Straight Man
I grabbed one and curiously checked what is it. My look at that time must have suggested great curiosity that made the male cashier talked to me.
Cashier: Sir, pangpa ano 'po yan.. (Sir, that's for your...)
Me: Para san? (For what?)
Cashier: Pangpatagal po sir... (It's meant to prolong your...)
Me: Ano nga!? (What is it for?!) Now sounding more irritable and impatient.
Cashier: Pangpatigas po ng A*I! Parang indi naman kayo mahilig jan. (It's for your erection! Seems like you are not into it.)
Now that shook me up! So, I gently place the pill back to its rack and gave the guy a stern look. I guess sometimes living curious puts you in an embarrassing situation. Well, at least I left the store knowing what was it. And by the way, a pill costs Php150.00. The pack has 2 pills costing Php300.00. No idea if it really serves it purposes.
By the way, para sa tunay na lalaki lang sya (only inteded for a straight guy).
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