Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Single White Rose

A day after Valentine's Day, I received a single white rose from "somebody". I have to admit, it somewhat made be blushed for a while. But at the same time, I really have no idea what it means. Romantic? Friendship? And so I had to research what it signifies...

Here's what has to say... "Since medieval times, white roses are considered to be a symbol of light, purity and innocence. So sending a single white rose may also mean that you consider that person to be pure, or that your love is very pure". According to a single white rose acknowledges everlasting love, honor and respect, especially when given to a person of authority or esteem or when used as part of a celebration or event.

Now I am more confused! This is why I am not into giving or receiving flowers. There's just so many reasons and meanings attached to it. Isn't it better and simpler to say, "I like you" or "I'm into you"? No guessing game and no misinterpretations.

It bothered me for a while so I had to ask the person via text what he meant. Here's the reply...

Me: Until now I'm trying to figure out what the white rose means.

Sender: Haha I knew you're going to ask! It was supposed to be 3 but the dog chewed the other 2. So I ended up giving you a single rose. Sowie :(

Now it gets more complicated! I made another research and I can't seems to find a meaning related to 3 white roses.

If that somebody is reading my blog, here's my message to you... I appreciate the gesture but the guessing game is not my idea of fun! I'm not into flowers or chocolates. Just ask me out and tell your intentions upfront. It's better that way :)

Great Sunday to all!

Single White Rosé 


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