Monday, January 14, 2013

The Red and Dirty Pay Phone

It's been a while since I've last seen a pay phone along the streets of Manila. Well, not until I accidentally saw this old pay phone at J. Vargas Sunday morning. Instantly, I know I had to take a photo of it. Well, original I wanted to lift the headset and pose for the cam. But then I realise how this pay phone plays host to thousands of bacteria and what have you. So, I passed the idea altogether.

Pay Phone
What I only find ironic is the word written on top of the red and dirty pay phone I saw. In bold letters, it proudly says "PROGRESS". Looking at the photo above, do you really see progress? I mean, I do not even have the courage to go 5 meters near the pay phone. God knows what might jump from it! It is rather sad how things have changed around us. What is sadder is, I was even so ecstatic when I saw the pay phone but it all melted the moment I looked closer. It's just not how I remember how a pay phone looked like.

May be, I have not been around the "real life" that often -  which is the reason why I have not seen much pay phone around and how ghastly they have become. I guess it is just right that the number 1 item on my bucket list is to be more random (I'll really try). I need to do more of the things I rarely do. Visit places  I normally would not go. Spend time with people I probably would not smile at 10 years back. The goal is to be more random without overdoing it! And of course not killing myself out of being so random.

Great week ahead to all! 

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