Monday, January 21, 2013

My Ion Magnum Experience at @SexySolutions

I'm the most lethargic person I know when it comes to fitness and exercise. So, who do I go to avoid looking big and bloated? Well, Sexy Solutions by Belo is my best bud to looking fit and achieving my desired weight. Before the Christmas Season, my weight was 137 lbs.; then post the Holidays I became heavier at 143 lbs. Gaining 6 lbs in less than a month is totally crazy; that's why I need an instant fix to jump start my intent to lose weight and eat lighter. In short, I need an inspiration to achieve my ideal weight of 135 lbs. You might be saying, 6 lbs is not that hard to lose! But you know, the last few lbs and inches are really the hardest to lose.
Ion Magnum of Sexy Solutions
Thus, I opted to try Ion Magnum treatment being offered by Sexy Solutions by Belo. If you are not aware, Sexy Solutions is a weight-loss alternative for people who prefer a non-invasive approach (like me!). But more than anything, Sexy Solutions helps their clients realize the importance of a holistic approach when it comes to physical wellness. That's why I really need  to convince myself to exercise and be more active in life.
So, how was my Ion Magnum experience? Here's the story...
Saturday, 4:00 PM, I was scheduled at Sexy Solutions Medical Plaza branch for my Ion Magnum Treatment. Of course, I have done my research already prior to making an appointment; that's why I know what to expect (what's Ion Magnum? click here). Along with a friend, we hurriedly went to our appointment at the 9th floor of Medical Plaza Building. As I laid down their comfy bed, I immediately noticed the machine below next to me. It has 8 tentacles (as I call them) attached to the upper part of the big machine. It looks intimidating and a bit scary looking at it. It really looks like a medical apparatus with a purpose! The associate of Sexy Solutions talked to me (with a big smile) and explained to me what Ion Magnum is all about. Then she stared attaching the tentacles (LOL) around my abdominal area - which is really the area I prefer to be treated by Ion Magnum.

Ion Magnum of Sexy Solutions
"Sir, turn on ko na 'po ha?" (Sir, I will not turn the machine on)
"Yeah", I tentatively replied.
You might wonder of Ion Magnum treatment is painful? Not at all! The only feeling you'll get is a bit of ticklish effect of the vibration on/in your stomach. You normally start at a low frequency starting at 1 (it has levels). Then after a few minutes, the level will be increased depending on how you can bear the vibration. For me, it was from 1 to 1.5 then 2. But my friend can be it more. He went for 1 to 1.5 to 2 then finally at 2.5. I was told that Regine Velasquez can bear until level 5! Wow! Who can beat the songbird!?
Ion Magnum of Sexy Solutions
After the machine was turned of, my whole abdominal area feels really numb. I was told that it will be the case for the next 15 minutes (which was the case). I was weighed and measured after my session. I was swelling a bit after the session that's why I had minimal effect after. But after measuring my waist the next day, I'm down to 31 inches. Almost almost lost 2 inches! That for me alone is a big success!
There will be a slight feeling of soreness the next day which is the same effect of doing crunches (like I know how it feels doing crunches?!). But all in all, life goes on immediately after the Ion Magnum treatment.
So, I do recommend Ion Magnum to my readers? BIG YEAH! Call Sexy Solutions  to know more of this treatment and its price.
Telephone number of Sexy Solutions 810-7399.
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