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How to Color Your Own Hair - Revlon Colorsilk

Having your hair dyed by a professional can be really costly; and may range from Php1,500 - Php2,500. That's why if you are to achieve one tone or even 2 tones lighter or darker, it is ideal to know how to do it yourself. If your goal is also to cover gray hair, learning to do it yourself is something I highly recommend to save money.
Revlon Colorsilk
Revlon Colorsilk
What Color to Use?
When coloring your hair, always remember the golden rule - 2 tones lighter or darker only. This is the most natural way of doing it. More than this should be done by a professional.
Hair Test
Always do a strand test. Pluck a strand or two of you hair and color it. After 10 minutes, rinse it. I recommend placing the strand on a clear white paper and use sufficient light. This is the closest way to test the color on your hair.
Revlon Colorsilk
Revlon Colorsilk
Revlon Colorsilk
 Materials to Use When Coloring Hair
Most dye products come with the needed materials already. You need a mixing bowl and a dye brush spread the coloring chemical
Hair Preparation
Your hair should be chemical free before you apply the coloring agent. This way, the product is absorb well by your hair.
Revlon Colorsilk
Revlon Colorsilk
How to Apply the Hair Color?
Never start with the crown area (unless you want your hair to look like a carpet!). Always start with your permanent hair; these are hair growing from your ear area and immediately on top of your nape. These are your hair area which has thicker and stubborn. One you're done applying the hair color, leave for 5 minutes before you start applying at the crown area.
Depending on the instruction attached to the box, leave it for 10 minutes.

Revlon Colorsilk
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How to Rinse Hair Color?
I do not recommend rinsing the your hair while you bow your head inside the sink. It is best to take a bath so you can totally remove the coloring product. Most color products comes with a shampoo and conditioner. Use it to protect the color and to add shine to your hair.

Enjoy your new hair!
Note: Make sure to read the complete directions and precautionary measures on the box of the color product. You do not want looking like a clown after washing your hair.
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