Monday, December 3, 2012

OPlus and Bench - A Fusion of Tech and Fashion

Sunday, 4:00 in the afternoon, Fierce Blogs attended an event held at the new Activity Center of Glorietta 1, Makati City. Yup, Glorietta re-opened the area already 2 weeks ago. But I think it's not fully functional at this point since I can still see vacant and closed shops. But this is really good news! Back then, Glorietta used to be my 2nd home before the tragedy happened. But when I saw the same area this afternoon, it gave me a smile because of amusement.
As usual, I arrived early to avoid the crowd and what have you. I surveyed the area and these are the happenings around.
OPlus and Bench Event
OPlus and Bench Event
The first leg of the event catered to the launch of Opus products and its unique features. This was limited to the tech and fashion bloggers present during the event only. Probably, there were around 15 of us present that afternoon. And, oh, it was my first time to meet a tech blogger in an event. Quite interesting, actually. His name is Irwin and this is his site -
Here are some photos so you can have a better feel of what I'm talking about.
OPlus and Bench
The unique feature that Oplus mobile phone has to offer is the no touch or click feature. Instead, you wave you palm right in front of the mobile screen and it will: take a photo, slide the photo gallery and even change radio station. So, this is a betterr mobile unit if you like playing music while driving to work. No need to click! Too bad I was not able to take a shot of the unit being shown around. I was busy fixing my SLR and its settings. Calling my photographer haha
The second part of the event was a competion among the top fashion stylist: Adrian Concepcion, Edlene Cabral, Kate Paras, Myrrh Lao To, Ton Lao and Sydney Yap. Well, of all the collection shown, I was betting for Sydney. And guess what? He won! Congratulations!
Here are some photos of the fashion runway. The rest of the photos can be viewed in my Facebook page here.
OPlus and Bench Fashion Show
OPlus and Bench Fashion Show
OPlus and Bench Fashion Show
Congratulations to Oplus and Bench for a successful show. Thanks for having me!
Just before th show ended, I had to ask a blogger friend to take my photo. Thanks to Alex of
Eric of Fierce Blogs
I'll post more pictures tomorrow.
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