Monday, December 31, 2012

Men's Haircut - Randon and Crazy Chop!

I've been frantic for more than 2 weeks already to get a haircut appointment that fits my schedule. And for 2 weeks nothing really seem to fit! The appointments being offered to me by Piandre Greenbelt 1 were either too early or too late. That's why I've been wearing cap everyday if there's a need to go out.
Well, today, I had my haircut in a very random and crazy way! Here's a shot.
Men's Haircut
I was along with friends today busy buying food and what have you for New Year's celebration. It's been a yearly tradition to really spend this special occasion with my friends; and this year is no different from the others. When it was time to buy fruits, we decided to go to San Andres Market, Manila which was quite near to where we're at. While my friends were busy buying fruits, I was busy surveying the place. Until I saw this place called Deme Barber Shop. This is when my craziness started!
Barber Shop
In a swift, I went in and immediately noticed how much they charge for a haircut. Here's a photo.
Barber Shop
Yup, you are seeing it right! They only charge PHP50.00 per haircut! I was so amazed I had to go in and check if there's an available barber. I BADLY NEED A HAIRCUT - this was my slogan for the last 2 weeks already.
Since there was an available barber to attend to me, I sat and uttered with courage, "kalbohin mo ko bago pa magbago isip ko!" (Cut all my hair before I change my mind!). The mid-aged guy willingly started chopping all my hair.
I felt so light after the haircut! But most of all, I was only charged Php50.00. I however paid Php200.00 because I am leaving the barber shop happy and easy-breezy bald! Because of my new haircut, I am saving 30 minutes in 2013 in my overall preparation for work. No more fixing my hair!Now that is what I call time savings!
Happy New Year to all!
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May on January 01, 2013 6:10 AM said...

Looks good Eric.
I would have gone shorter. :-)
Make it a 0.

May, Sydney.

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