Monday, December 17, 2012

How to Remove Dark Pimple Marks - Belo DLC Peeling Cream

Admittedly, one of the hardest facial imperfection to remove are the dark, pimple marks we all probably went through during puberty stage. Not to mention that every now and then we would have breakouts from stress and lack of sleep. Well, I had my share of frustrations when it comes to finding the right remedy. Luckily, I found the right match for my skin.
Belo Prescriptives
Products: Belo DLC Peeling Cream and Belo Chat 2%
Why I love them?
  • The DLC Peeling Cream does a gradual peeling to your skin not to the extent of looking like you got burnt
  • After 3 - 4 days of using DLC, you will immediately notice improvement on your skin texture - healthier and tighter
  • There would be skin peeling but it is tolerable and really gradual
  • After a month of usage, skin pigmentation and dark pimple marks will really lighten
  • The cream is really affordable
  • You only use a pea size nightly
  • You are only required to use this for a period of time and not all your life
  • It has 0.05% Tretinoin which is the ultimate skin rejuvenating agent
What you need to know however is that Belo DLC Peeling Cream is a prescription cream that only a professional skin doctor at Belo Medical Group will prescribe to you. It is something that was recommended to me and really worked wonders.
You can can call 819-2356 (Belo) to inquire about Belo DLC Peeling Cream.
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