Sunday, November 11, 2012

SwissFlex Champ - Eyewear for the Active Ones

There's nothing like having an eye accessory that makes you look good and at the same time have the needed protection from the sun. My solution is SwissFlex Champ.
Eric of Fierce Blogs wearing SwissFlex Champ

Eric of Fierce Blogs wearing SwissFlex Champ
 Product desciption of SwissFlex Champ:
  • Model: CHAMP sport activity eye wear
  • Style - Fullrim Frame
  • Temple: Sports, Skull 2
  • Color: Scarlet (#241p)
What I really love about this eye wear is its weight. It's so light you don't even feel you have it on. SwissFlex Champ is intended for the active people who are always in motion.
Visit your optical shop to know more about SwissFlex Champ.
More product shots below.
SwissFlex Champ
SwissFlex Champ
SwissFlex Champ
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Eric of Fierce Blogs

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