Thursday, November 29, 2012

Regine Velasquez - From 190 Lbs Down to 130 Lbs @SexySolutions

Back in July this year, I was really thrown aback when I saw Regine Velasquez on screen singing on GMA 7. For the first time in quite sometime, it was not because of her singing prowess that made me listen and watch her on TV. Instead, it was because of how big she was after giving birth to her first born.
I really had to take a shot!
Regine Velasquez for Sexy Solutions
It was really a shocker seeing her that heavy even considering that she just gave birth. Probably it is because we got accustomed seeing her all glam and looking physically fit. But that state of "heaviness" didn't stay long on her. Thanks to Sexy Solutions and her strict diet for putting her back in shape!
This is Regine Velasquez' current physique.
Regine Velasquez for Sexy Solutions
Now, this is what you call - The Songbird Transformation!
The photo was take during the recent, exclusive presson Sexy Solutions hosted for Regine Velasquez. Next to her is Nadine Tengco and the brain behind Sexy Solutions, Cristalle Belo. Photo is courtesy of Sexy Solutions.
Congratulations to Regine for looking better than before! Don't you agree?
If you want to know more about Sexy Solutions, call this number 810-7399.
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