Saturday, November 24, 2012

Product Feature: Swissflex Eyewear Rainbow

It's a fact that I wear eyeglasses; but I make it a point to only wear the fashionable and comfortable ones. So far, it's only Swissflex that has achieved this requirement: function and fashion. To add to my collection of eyeglasses, I'm featuring my latest grab today - Swissflex Eyewear Rainbow.
Here's a product shot.
Swissflex Eyewear Rainbow
Swissflex Eyewear Rainbow

Here's the product description of Swissflex Eyewear Rainbow:
Lens used: Essilor Transition Lens
Style: Full Rim Frame
Shape: Oval Front, Rectangular Front in three sizes
Temple: Straight, Skull, Skull2
Decor: Stripes Decor
What I love about Swissflex Eyewear Rainbow is still what the brand is know for - comfort and style. Wearing their eyewear does not make you feel geeky and boring. In fact, when yo have it on, you feel stylish and trendy. No more boring and oldie look!
You can ask you opto about Swissflex and Essilor Lens.
Swissflex Eyewear Rainbow
Swissflex Eyewear Rainbow
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