Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Peak Inside My Vanity Kit - Part 2

In my blog last Nov 3 (A Peak Inside My Vanity Kit - Part 1), I promised to showcase the products I have inside my vanity kit. So, here were go with the brands...
Let's start of with the sun screen I'm using. In most occasions (day or night), I use Belo Essentials Sun Expert Face and Body.
Belo Essentials Sun Expert
As an alternative, I use Nivea Men Moisturiser Pore Minimiser 10X. It is advisable to alternate facial products. Your skin gets to be immune after prolonged exposure to a particular product. So, it is important to have an alternate product.
Nivea Men Moisturiser Pore Minimiser
To cover up blemish  and even out my skin tone, I apply L'oreal Le Teint True Match R2. This particular tone matches my skin perfectly. Try out their variety of tones available at Watson's.
L'oreal Le Teint True Match - R2
If I am attending night events or parties, Mary Kay Concealer is my best bud!
Mary Kay Concealer
For contouring and shadows, I don't like any shimmer. As an alternative, I use the Two-way Cake of F21 - Rajah. Again, it complements my skin tone. Try out their various tones in any SM or Watson's branches nationwide.
F21 2-Way Cake - Rajah
To add a bit of color to my skin and to avoid looking pale and all, I use Avon's Smooth Minerals Blush (M301 Blushing Mauve). It's a mix between red and pink tone. Just right for me.
Avon's Smooth Minerals Blush (M301 Blushing Mauve)
.To lock the look with a clean finish, I use Luminare Foundation #2 Fairly Golden (powder).
 Luminare Foundation #2 Fairly Golden (powder)
For make-up brushes, I use the Marionnaud and Charm Retractable Flat Brush.
Charm Retractable Flat Brush
 Marionnaud Brush
To make sure my hands are always clean when touching my face, Hygienix Antibacterial Hand does the trick.
Hygienix Antibacterial Hand
In every vanity kit there should be the king or queen of products! Inside the own kit, that role is owned by Belo Nutraceutical Glutathione + Collagen.
Belo Nutraceutical Glutathione + Collagen
So, there you have it. These are the products I really trust and they are all inside my private vanity kit. Oh well, they're not that private after all since I have blogged about them today.
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