Sunday, October 7, 2012

Smart vs Globe Customer Service ( @Smartcares vs @enjoyGLOBE )

I've been planning to get another phone line for 2 weeks already. There's really not much of a consideration whether it will be with Globe Telecom or Smart Communications. The decision is purely to separate my business contacts to my family and closest friends. More of compartmentalizing my contact list.

Globe Vs. Smart Customer Service
And so the day of the application transpired, yesterday!
The idea is to check out which provider is offering a better package and competitive payment scheme. However, little did I expect that my experience that day will forever change my perception on how this "telecom" transacts their business.
First stop was Smart Communications, SM Bicutan branch (Level 2, Annex Building, SM Bicutan, Paranaque City). While the front door says "OPEN", they also posted a sign saying - "OFFLINE". Sure, I am pretty much aware that their system is down to verify accounts and what have you, but I did not expect that even their frontline customer service is also experiencing downtime during offline period. As we entered the store, we were rudely welcomed by the guard and immediately told us that they are not servicing customers since it's offline. After being rudely treated by the guard, I explained that I can just make a product inquiry and it's okay while their system is down. But our intentions proved to be useless. Along with my friends, we were told that their system is down and were asked to return on Monday instead. This entire scene transpired while 4 customer service officers were looking at us and eventually continued chatting with each other. Mind you; one of them even passed our pay, made a quick look and went outside the store.

After being treated abhorrently at Smart Communications store, we decided to bring our business else where.

Globe Telecom's store at SM Bicutan was rather crowded that day. There were people in queue to pay their bills, others were checking out the mobile displays and the rest were waiting to be serviced by the Customer Service Officers. As we stepped foot inside, a guard wearing a full smile greeted us and inquired our purpose. After our brief explanation, we were ushered to be seated and we'll be called if we can be attended to already. After 25 - 30 minutes, we were called and was assisted by a staff that was more than willing to service our concern, He even gave us options and timeline regarding the type of services we require. Now that is what you call not just good Customer Service, but instead a Customer Service who knows who to feel and and truly understands. After a good 20 minutes, we closed the deal and left the store gratified.

Good Customer Service
Most products nowadays that are being sold in the market are the same (in my opinion). Some may offer it a little bit cheaper but ultimately would end up almost the same in terms of pricing. At the end of the day, what really matters to us customers are the intangible product we are buying - Customer Service.

To Smart Communications, we were not asking you to do magic by making your system up and running that day. What we are after is to talk to a representative who we expect to be knowledgeable of your products and various services. Do you actually need a system to do that? In my opinion, if everything else fail, customers are still left with the best business option  - Human Interaction.

Thank you to Globe Telecom for turning our sour day to even a brighter one! This is the reason why we've been loyal to you all these years - even if your network is also experiencing intermittent failure.

Have a great Sunday to all Fierce Blogs readers out there!
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