Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rajah Two-Way Cake - F21 Cosmetics

After knowing that Marks and Spencer stopped making the non-shimmer bronzer I have used for years, I was in the hunt of bronzer that fits my tone and at the same time doesn't have shimmer. I am just after a matte finish - clean and not that loud.
After probably searching most beauty shops in Makati, I saw this from F21 collection...
Rajah Two-Way Cake - F21 Cosmetics
Rajah Two-Way Cake - F21 Cosmetics
Production Descriptin of Rajah Two-Way Cake:
  • It is actually a 2-way cake - Can be applied using a brush or a wet sponge
  • Alternatively, I use it as a matte bronzer on checks and jawline
  • Net Wt. 15 g
  • Price is Php399.00
  • It's scented and smells like vanilla cake (downside for me)
  • Bought the item at SM Makati
The product works best for me as a bronzer and I have NOTused it as a foundation.
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