Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Coach Men's Quilted Nylon/Leather Reversible Tote Bag in Navy/Mahogany

Here's a tote bag I would like to share. Looking at my face from the picture below, you have an idea how happy and excited I am to use the Coach tote bag.
It's a reversible bag Quilted Nylon and leather bag. Leather side is mahogany while the quilt side is navy.
Leather mahogany side...
Coach Reversible Bag for Men
Quilt nave side...
Coach Reversible Bag for Men
This Coach reversible bag is priced online at USD250.00 (PHP10,750) including shipping charges.
Fore more Coach bag designs, click here.

WARNING: Browsing the gorge bags of Coach online can be addicting! Be ready to key in your credit card number LOL
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