Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Piandre Salon - Where Beauty and Magic Collide

Saturday, Greenbelt 1 of Ayala Center, I visited my salon for a much needed haircut and color. Blame it on my chaotic schedule last August, it took me sometime to pick-up the phone and make that reservation. If I remember it correctly, the last haircut I had was more than a month ago! Such a crime, really! The photo below will clearly describe how hideous my mullet was before my haircut. I was too embarrassed of my hair and I just have to hide it using a flair hat. But if you are curious to know, men should have their haircut every 3 weeks to maintain a decent and well-managed look.

Eric of Fierce Blogs
In the course of discussing what type of haircut I would get, I just realized I have no particular panache in mind. In fact, I just want all the superfluous tresses atop of my head. Then in a snap, I remember saving an interesting photo I got from the web. I showed it to my stylist of 12 years and the rest is all about trust.

Piandre Salon - Greenbelt 1

Piandre Salon - Greenbelt 1
Having a good relationship with the salon and your stylist does not happen overnight. It is a process wherein shortcut is not part of the phase. It is a steady meeting and communication that eventually benefit the customers in an unimaginable ways. One of which, and the most important in my opinion, is gaining the trust of both the salon and stylist. This is the reason why I have been a loyal customer of Piandre Salon at Greenbelt 1. The first time I stepped foot inside Piandre back in 2000, I immediately felt welcomed. Then fast forward 12 years after, I still get the same warm and affable treatment no matter what time of the day I visit them. As a customer, what really matter is the treatment we obtain - topped by the quality of service the salon provides. And these prerequisite I find to be present in all my Piandre experiences for more than a decade that is.

Jhun Bilalo of Piandre Salon
If comfort and money's worth is something I completely experience with Piandre Salon, then trust and confidence are 2 important elements I feel towards my hair stylist of same tenure. For the last 12 years, I only trust Jhun Bilalo of Piandra Salon for my haircut. No matter how mu friends would coax to trying the latest stylist in town, I prefer to go back to where I am already comfortable. Too comfortable to a point of just saying my "hi" to Jhun and uttering, "It's all up to you!" That's how I trust his artistic call and rigorous experience in the field of beauty and grooming.

True to its company's vision, Piandre Salon has truly created a brand that is close to every Filipinos heart. It's dedication to making everyone beautiful and confident made the company so successful and supreme. That is why I've been very thankful to both Piandre Salon and Jhun Bilalo for letting me discover the possibilities and options when it comes to looking good and smart.

If I look like a hobo before I had my haircut, now I feel so confident and good wearing my new do!

Piandre Salon Haircut
It was also my first time to use a hair color called Lakme. It's a great product from Spain that specializes in hair color, hair care, treatments, styling and shape. What I like about the Lakme's hair color is its shiny and natural finish. There is also no foul odor as they apply the product on your hair. This brand is only available at Piandre branches.

There are 11 branches of Piandre in Manila. To locate the nearest branch in your area, click here.

Other exclusive products you can try at Piandre are Macademia Healing Oil and Keratin Complex.

Macademia Healing Oil
Keratin Complex

More photos of my recent visit will be posted tomorrow here on Fierce Blogs.

To Ms Andea Zulueta, thank you for having Fierce Blogs last Saturday afternoon. And most of all, thank you for making Manila a more beautiful place to live in. Thanks to Piandre!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Eric!

I should visit Piandre soon! You just inspired me to spend more time in grooming again. After I gave birth to my 1 kid it took a back seat. I'll set my appointment next week :)

Love the blog!

Anna Torres

Anonymous said...

finally i know where jhun is na. Nawala kasi siya sa Razzle & Dazzle eh

Anonymous said...

Ganda ng blog mo! Bangis! Ang cute mo pa.

Anonymous said...

hi eric! just wanted to share. going to pindre has always been pleasant. staff are all nice and service is superb..


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