Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Move & Let's Love

As a lifestyle blogger, there is a need for me to attend various events and product launches. I'd say this is one of the many reasons why I love blogging. In fact, I am really proud to be part of the blogging community. Because of blogging, ordinary person like me are given a voice and venue to discuss various topics. It is also through blogging why we can explore more of our artistic side. May it be in the form of writing, photography, sketching and event music; we are given the chance to explore who we are as a person.

On the contrary, however, not everyone is happy on how blogging has evolved and rapidly became part of today's culture. Case in point is the recent experience I had that happened in one of the events I attended. Actually, this event happened last week.
Scenario: Seated along with broadsheet journalist; waiting for the event to start.
Journalist: "Hi! My name is _____________. I write for _____________".
The guys is seated next to me.
Me: "Hi! My name is Eric and I'm a blogger".
I handed over my business card with a smile. The guy examined my card for a few seconds and uttered these.
Journalist: "So, you're a blogger?! You guys actually took a lot of job from us".
I wasn't really expecting that kind of commentary from him. From a small talk, it has become one of those sticky discussions you would not want to be part of. But I could not just stay mum and totally ignore what he stated. I know I have to say something.
Me: I'm sorry if that's how you feel about it. I think blogging and journalism are 2 different topics altogether. They are both unique in their own rights.
I properly excused myself and transferred to another seat.
In life, not every battle is your own battle. And at the same time, not every battle equates to using arsenal that could cut and hurt others. Instead, we can apply a "Let's Move and Let's Love" attitude in life.

I am a blogger and I'm proud to be part of the blogosphere!
Fiercely yours,
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iamsutil on September 19, 2012 2:27 PM said...

hahaha, ang tarush! oh well, ako naman sometimes i still get those weird stares from people whenever they would ask me from what publication I am and I would say I'm a blogger.

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