Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How I Lost 1.4 Inches In My Waistline @SexySolutions

Last Sunday was really a remarkable personal experience. I finally had the chance to try Sexy Solutions by Belo. I've been really wanting to do it but never had the chance because of my crazy schedule. Armed only with excitement, I hurriedly went for my 1:00 pm appointment at Bonifacio High Street.
So how was my experience?
I was scheduled to undergo 3 treatments that day: Lipo Cavitation, Multi-Firm and Body Sculpt. All of these treatments all together will last 1 hours and 45 minutes. So, how do these procedures work?
Getting my measurment at Sexy Solutions
 Lipo Cavitation is a machine that targets the stubborn areas where constant exercising cannot address. These could be your abdomen, thighs and arms. Stubborn fat cells are broken down using low frequency ultrasound. On a discomfort level of 1 - 10 (10 being the highest), I mark it a 1. Expect a cricket-like sound only you can hear. This is the effect of the machine working its way as it breaks down your fats.
Andrea Performing Lipo Cavitation on me
The next treatment I had was Multi-Firm. Since stubborn fats were already broken down by Lipo Cavitation, the job of Multi-Firm this time is to destroy the fat cells using heat wave. The fat cells are then removed through the lymphatic system (urine or sweat). Since the fats in your problematic area were already reduced, the body is reshaped and the skin is tightened as well. It also helps improve the appearance of cellulite. Discomfort level I'd say is 1 - 2, again, 10 being the highest.
The last treatment is called Body Sculpt. It's a non-invasive treatment that uses muscle energy pulse, called Trilipo power, to stimulate muscle contraction needed for toning and shaping the body. After fats are broken down and destroyed, there's a need to tighten the skin to avoid bulges and sagging skin. Discomfort level is around 4 - 6. You can always tell the Specialist to lower the pulse rate if you cannot bear it.
There is no downtime after going through the 3 treatments. Actually, immediately after my Sexy Solutions session, I shopped with a close friend. Overall, I lost 1.4 inches in my waistline! For me, that is purely magic! I'm just really satisfied and happy about the result. After the treatment, I felt really light.
My Sexy Solutions Measurment
One important message I would like to relay is - Sexy Solutions may look like a shortcut in terms of losing weight (it is actually); but it is also commitment you  have to live with. That means also eating the right food and having enough exercise to maintain a healthy physique. It has to be a holistic approach in becoming a better version of yourself.

Crissy & Joie of Sexy Solutions
Thanks to Crissy, Joie and Andrea for attending to me last Sunday. The kind of service you provide really makes every visit to Belo wonderful! 
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mikedc on September 12, 2012 9:28 AM said...

how much for that session you had?

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