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Bench Universe Photos @BenchTM #BenchUniverse

If you failed to watch Bench Universe event at The Mall of Asia Arena, then you already missed half of your life! Actually, I almost missed seeing the event as well because I had to pick up a relative at the airport. Thanks to last minute booking changes, my relative is  scheduled to arrive not until 11:00 PM. Now that's  relief!
Bench Universe officially started at 7:00 PM. Here are some pictures of the countdown and the reception of the thousands of audience who patiently waited for the show to unveil.
Bench Universe Photo
 Bench Universe Photo

Then the hot and sexy event started...

Bench Universe Photos

Kim Chiu at Bench Universe 2012
The opening of the show was really the perfect way to entice the enthusiastic audience at the Arena. When ABS-CBN star, Kim Chiu, went out the ramp, the entire auditotium became frantic with excitement. Joseph Marco's spot also created hullabaloo. But it was seasoned Bench endorser and Teleserye King, Jake Cuenca, who made the stage sizzled.

Jake Cuenca in Thong

Bench Universe Models
The next scene is actually my favorite! I think it's brilliant and very creative. A floating boat came from the center of the stage in a very fluid and dramatic manner. It was hottie, Enchong Dee, riding the floating boat.

Enchong Dee at Bench Universe 2012

Enchong Dee at Bench Universe 2012
Enchong Dee at Bench Universe 2012

Here are some more highlights of Bench Universe Show...

Richard Gomez - Bench Universe 2012

Aljur Abrenica in Underwear - Bench Universe 2012
But it was obvious that Coco Martin stole the show when he appeared fully-clothed and winged. This to me is really odd! Coco who once reigned King of Indie Films in the local scene trying to be wholesome and bashful. But he's hot nonetheless.

Coco Martin - Bench Universe 2012
Overall, Bench Universe 2012 is a huge success! As its latest slogan suggests, Bench Lifestyle and Clothing is truly made locally but made to be famous globally. Such a brilliant and fierce way of creating its mark in the international fashion department!

Fierce Blogs would also like to congratulate the success that transpired behind the curtains. To Ai Santarinala (Event Management), Mey Eviza (Production Manager) and Grace Canlas (Head Talent Coordinator), congratulations for a job done! The execution and production worth of Bench Universe -  Denim and Underwear 2012 is really over the top! Looking forward to witnessing more of your fierce events!

Happy weekend to all Fierce Blogs readers out there!
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