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The Music of Alessandra De Rossi - An Exclusive Interview @msderossi

Share Saturday, Aug 4, Fierce Blogs had an exclusive interview with Alessandra De Rossi to talk about her music and journey in discovering a tempo called "Adrift".

Alexandra De Rossi on Fierce Blogs

If you are following Alessandra on Twitter, you would have probably read her tweets about her album called "Adrift" and how proud she is on her latest conquest. Indeed, she has a thousand and one reasons to be proud of! Before my scheduled interview with her last night, I had to make sure I download her music via MediaFire. Yes, you read it right. Her album can be downloaded from the Internet site absolutely free. In less than 10 minutes, I downloaded the complete 11 songs along with the album artwork.

Here's the complete song list of the album:
  1. Echoes
  2. Trigger Happy
  3. Wonderland
  4. After Hours
  5. Disconcerting Ride
  6. High
  7. Make It Better
  8. Deep Down
  9. Frozen World
  10. Dream To Me
  11. Maker
Alessandra De Rossi - During the Exclusive Interview on Fierce Blogs

Alessandra De Rossi and Eric Capacia of Fierce Blogs
Just by merely reading the titles of the songs, it already confers a sense of curiosity to anyone. "It looks new and interesting", these were the exact words I told Alessandra during our discussion. While most music nowadays talk about love and all those stereo-typed romantic refrain, "Adrift" deals with profound themes. Do they sound disturbed? May be just a little bit. But what I can assure you is, the work is sincere and as real as the artist behind the music.

Album Cover of Adrift by Alessandra De Rossi
But how did it all start? Would you actually believe if I tell you that it all started because of boredom and feeling stagnant?

"Na-bore ako sa tinatakbo ng ginagawa ko. Every show pareho lang ang ginagawa ko. Wala na akong natutunang maganda. So kumanta na lang ako tutal hidden talent naman sya. My friends pushed me to try it (music)". Sabi nila marunong ka kumanta bakit di mo i-try."

And that's exactly what Alessandra did, she tried it and the product has been causing fume across the social media. The album may have been 5 years in the making but it's drawing rapid attention with more than 6,000 download so far (and still ongoing).

"Nakakatuwa! Kanya kanyang opinyon sila. Wala pa naman masama, in fairness. Wala pa naman nagsabing pangit. Sana wala talaga. Baka kasi yung iba hindi pa sanay (referring to her type of music)."

Adrift was produced by Alessandra herself, which in a way, gave her full liberty over the type of songs to include and the ability to control the promo. On top of that, the overall feel and mood of the album speak highly of who she is as an artist. It's an emotional journey from chill ambiance to somewhat daunting lines; surely, only a gifted artist can deliver such variety of moods. One could really claim that the appeal of Adrift is confused or lost. However, for me its statement is blatant and apparent -  do not be afraid to be unique.

"Time for a change. Pare pareho lang naman kasi. Plakado na ng ganitong singer 'tong ganitong singer. Parang... paulit ulit na lang tayo. Revive na lang tayo ng revive. Kaya nating maging sariling atin. Kahit sabihin mong ma be-break nya yung rule. Kahit sabihin mong di talaga sya mapapansin kung pano mo sya gustong mapansin. Pero siguro, 10 years from now, basta nauna ako ha! Bahala kayo! Nauna ako sa trono na yan."

Fierce Blogs' take on "Adrift" album - It's new. It's unique. It's fierce! It's a statement album that liberates your soul to take a step closer to your dreams no matter how odd and extreme they may be. The genre of music Alessandra has chosen (chill-out and electronic) may not fit within the chartered journey most Pinoys are familiar with, but these type of risks are the ones that truly pay-off.

To Alessandra, congratulations on your latest feat! Big thanks for trusting Fierce Blogs to do an exclusive.
Here's the video of my favorite cut from "Adrift" album. It's called, "Dream To Me".

While for production, concept and aesthetic, it would have to be "Make It Better".

You can download "Adrift" by going to this link -

For real-time updates, you can follow Alessandra on Twitter here and Tumblr here.

Photos during the interview were taken by @rosedralin for Fierce Blogs.
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Anonymous said...

Her music is unique talaga!
I downloaded it last week.
Chill music and laska maka emo!

Salamat Fierce Blogs


Anonymous said...

You just gave me an idea what to do today, Eric! Salamat!

FB Fan Page on August 05, 2012 6:26 PM said...

Salamat po! Ang galing ng write up!

Monna said...

Downloaded the album... very nice to listen to indeed :-)

There's a little touch of Enya's music... Reminds me of her music... which I don't hear often and for a long time na. Hope to hear more from Alessandra!

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