Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Techno Edge Reversible Belt - Men's Club by Avon

Our Fierce Find for today is a reversible belt from Men's Club by Avon. The item is called Techno Reversible Belt.

Techno Edge Reversible Belt - Men's Club by Avon
What I like about this product?
  • You get 2 belts for the price of one. Since the belt is reversible, you can either wear the black of brown side.
  • The buckle finish is nice. Works well if you are wearing formal clothing.
  • Works well for frequent travelers. You do not have to bring more than 1 belt since you already have 2 colors.
  • The belt is very affordable. You'll spend roughly Php400.00 (USD9.00).
  • Buckle lock to reverse the belt is sturdy for locking
Not so fan of...
  • The belt flopper does not look so fix from the buckle. Tends to rotate all over the place  instead of a limited up and down motion.
  • Usage can be limited to slacks only. Doesn't look good if you are wearing jean.
Overall, it's still money's worth if you purchase this belt. You can use this daily for office depending on the color of your leather shoes. You can buy it online or from your favorite Avon Lady.

Today is still a holiday! Enjoy the day and be safe!


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