Saturday, August 25, 2012

Soothing Eye Gels PK Product Review @ManicareAUS

A good friend gave me a product purchased in Singapore and it's called, Soothing Eye Gels by Manicare. The product is supposed to relieve your tired, puffy eyes, eye strain and sinus pressure. I put it to the test today and here's what I like about Soothing Eye Gels PK:

Soothing Eye Gels PK Product by Manicare
  • Love its packaging. The easy-zip plastic bag make it painless to store the eye gels inside the refrigerator.
  • The eye gels and the bag are completely washable.
  • Eye gels look like a slice of cucumber - such a cutie!
  • It's compact and easy to bring when traveling.
  • After placing it directly atop of my closed eyes, I felt relaxed and had a quick nap. Felt so relaxed after 30 minutes. A power nap that soothes your eyes.
  • This product can also be used before applying make-up. Gives you a quick flush without shocking your skin when you use ice cubes.
  • Very affordable
Soothing Eye Gels PK Product by Manicare
Not so liking...
  • The plastic hook behind the bag can get into the way. I had to cut it!
  • Looks delicate, so be careful where you store it.
For quick fix of puffy eyes and face, Soothing Eye Gels PK is an easy remedy. But then again, nothing can replace a full 8-hour sleep to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Have a great weekend to all!

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