Monday, August 27, 2012

Regine Velasquez Joins Sexy Solutions Bandwagon @SexySolutions

I recently saw Regine Velasquez on TV and could not help but notice how much weight she lost. Based on her confession, she went from 165lbs down to 140 lbs. Kudos to her! 25 lbs is actually not easy to lose.

Imagine she came from looking as heavy as this?

Regine Velasques During Her Heavier Days
How did she do it?

Regine Velasques Join Sexy Solutions
Regine is doing Sexy Solutions which is a holistic approach when it comes to losing weight. When it comes to her diet, she's a regular client of The Sexy Chef’s. According to Regine, “I like the food na kahit I’m on a diet, I don’t really feel I’m dieting kasi masarap ‘yung food ng The Sexy Chef. I was 165 lbs. Now I’m 140 lbs. na lang. Thank you, Sexy Chef!”

The Sexy Chef recently announced how happy they are with their partnership with Sexy Solutions of The Belo Group. The former is now the supplier of Anti-Plateau Diet, a supplement to slimming treatments for Sexy Solutions’ clients designed by the company’s resident nutritionist Nadine Tengco.

Book an appointment now with Sexy Solutions - 810-SEXY. For The Sexy Chef, you can call them at 721-7399 or 0917-799-2433.

Fierce Blogs congratulates Regine Velasques on her weight lost success!

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