Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm a Classic - Polo Ralph Lauren Perfume

Some scents are really meant to stay even long after its original release. Just like Polo Ralph Lauren, its scent was made for men regardless of time. During college I remember falling in love with Polo Perfume and up to this date I still religiously wear it.

Polo Ralph Lauren Perfume
What I really like about Ralph Lauren Blue is the lasting effect of its fragrance - it's not too overpowering and provides an attitude of confidence to the user. The scent is sort of sweet yet masculine. In fact, I know a lady who loves wearing Polo Ralph Lauren Green.

Polo Ralph Lauren Perfume
If you haven't tried Ralph Lauren scent, try it! It's worth wearing it daily or during special occasions.

How much is Polo Ralph Lauren Pefume? Polo Blue Eau de Toilette - Price: $59.00 - $74.00

So, what scent are you wearing today?

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