Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Take Care of Your Beauty Cream #BeautyBlog

There are 2 basic rules I apply when handling my most precious beauty creams. And that is to make sure it has the right temperature and does not get to be contaminated while I use it every night.

Keep Refrigerated
Unfortunately, the local temperature we have in our country does not work well with our beauty cream. With the humidity and heat we have, our beauty cream get spoiled easily shortening its shelf-life. So, make sure to refrigerate them afrer using. Actually, I find it more soothing and relaxing when the cream is cold and you immediately apply it on your face.

How to Take Care of Your Beauty Cream #BeautyBlog
Use Cream Spatula
Like what I always say, "Don't dip and spread" your cream! This is a major no-no on treating your most precious facial creams. This is actually the quickest way to contaminate the product and eventually loses its effectiveness.

Instead, use a plastic spatula that you can clean with a cotton and alcohal after each usage.

Cream Spatula
These simple steps go along way in caring for your expensive beauty creams. Don't you think so?

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