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“A Blend of Green & Eco-Friendly Living”

As a homeowner, we all aim for a comfortable setting and a sensible design for our living space. These are probably the basic design need we all want to achieve no matter how grand or economical a given project may be. Right from the planning stage, we carefully sketch our visual concepts to the drawing board until it slowly becomes a place we can call our own. However, with the vast concept designs to choose from, the deciding aspect could be a laborious task to endeavor.

If my 2011 were to be encapsulated into a phrase, it would be Home Design and nothing else! Having to transfer from a 32-square-feet space in Makati to a near 60 in Parañaque, I was not prepared to expand my limited design wit to a bigger scale project. Little did I know that my design dexterity would be put to the extreme test! Of course, I hired a contractor, but as my good friend said, “What good is a contractor if there’s no one to design or orchestrate the hammers and the woodworks?” True enough, it’s already 2012 and yet I am still not satisfied with the overall look and feel of my condo. And to mention my most problematic area, my living room looks exactly a copy from a catalog. Nice? May be, but the overall ambiance does not speak highly of a sustainable design aesthetic.

Recently, when I had the chance to visit the new condominium of my boss at Cedar Crest, which is a mid-rise community project of DMCI. Well, in reality, it’s more of I invited myself to view my boss’ place because I was incalculably intrigued that his new place is carrying the slogan of Green Design. At this point you might be wondering how different a contemporary design is from a green home. Fact is, we’re sailing on the same boat waiving a big uncertainty mark right in the middle of our forehead.

Green Home -
Of course, there is no better way to understand Green Home design concept but from the expert and supporters themselves. Architect Ma. Luisa D. Daya-Garcia is a green design advocate and practitioner who happen to design the interiors of the 96-square-feet condominium of my boss. What I evidently noticed in Lui’s design is the impeccable, spotless finish and the practicality of her design approach. As I did my ocular of the space in progress, I likewise noticed how the lifestyle and character of my boss were captured in the space - which is the element of efficiency in the usage of space and the uniqueness of the building materials used. Aesthetically, the design is not overwhelming yet you know that there is a sense of taste and purpose in all the materials and pieces inside the living space.

Eco-Friendly Urban Home -
Materials/Strategies used:
Zero Volatile Organic Compound or 0-VOC Paint: reduces indoor air pollution via off-gassed toxins from various construction materials used in the interiors thus promoting healthier indoors.

Energy Efficient Lighting Fixtures and Appliances, all are rated green: Decreases emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change via the reduction of electricity consumption which lowers electric bills.

Rapidly-Renewable and Indigenous Materials such as rattan, bamboo, cotton and cocofiber: Promotes conservation of rapidly depleting non-renewable resources that impacts the environment. Promotes local materials as well.

In essence, Green Homes are designed using a process that is environmentally responsible and resource competent. From the exterior to the interior of the house, an eco-friendly touch is an approach the designer needs to achieve. Its measure of success is to have a sustainable look, durable, economical and most importantly, to achieve a comfort of a home. One of the major advantages of green homes is the different level of homey comfort it gives to the homeowners. Its aesthetic is also very unique that sets you apart from other home design concepts. That is why even though we all live in an unsuitable lifestyle, going green provides us the comfort of our home that we all look forward to each passing day.

Eco-Friendly Urban Home -
I’m actually all for it! In this age and time we face, Green Home is not only an alternative we can tap into, instead, it is a complete lifestyle that promotes wellness and protection to the same environment that we all live in.

If you are interested to go green and experience a lifestyle that promotes wellness to our environment, you may get in touch with Green Home expert designer, Ma. Luisa D. Daya-Garcia through the following details:
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Anonymous said...

This is a superb blog!
You inspired me that home living can do so much contributions in making our world safer :)

Thank you so much Eric the Fierce Blogger!

Anonymous said...

Hello Eric! Is her work expensive? Do you have any idea how much she charges? Linda West

Anonymous said...

Great concept! Inspiring! Just gave me an idea how to work my living room! Thanks Fierce Blogs!

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