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Sexy Solutions by Belo - Saturday Feature on Fierce Blogs

When I got invited by Sexy Solutions, I knew I just have to go no matter what! The special event was help last May, 24 (Thursday) at the 3rd floor of Il Terrazo, Tomas Morato. I actually had very little sleep going to the event but that would not stop me from attending. I just could skip a Belo gathering!

I arrived 30 minutes earlier and was warmly welcomed by Cristalle Henares, who is the brain behind Sexy Solutions. She was wearing her full smile and a very-lady-like-pink outfit that celebrates her curves. Here's a photo of Cristalle posting for Fierce Blogs along with Nadine Tengco and Beyond Yoga.

(From left - right) Beyond Yoga, Cristalle Henares & Nadine Tengco on Fierce Blogs
Since I was an early butterfly, I had the chance to test the state of the art machines Sexy Solution has to offer to its clients.

Lipo Cavitation of Sexy Solutions on Fierce Blogs
Multi Firm of Sexy Solutions
Body Sculpt of Sexy Solutions
So, what is Sexy Solution? This was the question a close friend of mine asked me while we were driving home. And this is what I answered... "If you're the type who is afraid to go through surgery but would like to have a fabulous bod everybody would envy, then you are the perfect client of Sexy Solutions. And the solution they provide is not limited to the Science of Beauty Belo has to offer, the approach is holistic and incorporates nutrition and weight training to the program". To further simply what is Sexy Solutions, it's proper diet, exercise and treatment. Can it be more complete than this?

The event was also very educational for me. I though all along that I got it right when it comes to eating well and what are the food to avoid. But no! Thanks to Nadine Tengco I left the event equipped with proper nutritional information.

Here are some of them:
  1. Common notion is, we should stop eating rice if we want to lose weight. Wrong! Don't abuse nor abandoned eating rice. Instead, 1 cup a day is enough. Yes, it's just 1 cup!
  2. Cool you rice before eating them for weight loss.
  3. Then finally, half of your plate should be vegetable (and not rice), then 1/4 for meat and rice
Nadine Tengco on Fierce Blogs
Then, it was Edward Mendez' time to give his talk. Darn! I confess I had a hard time focusing to his topic, He's just so hot! But I managed after 5 minutes. According to Edward, Sports Science & Nutrition Expert, the longer your work out, the better is only a myth. Instead, be wise and practical when it comes to your routines. In fact, he developed a routine that only requires 20 minutes a day and is proven effective in waistline reduction.
Edward Mendez on Fierce Blogs

Edward Mendez on Fierce Blogs
As lazy as I am when it comes to visiting the gym, I had to ask Sexy Solutions if it would still work if I totally scrap the exercising part. Of course, the answer is no! I'm just trying to get an excuse. But reality hit me after the event. I need to start at some point. 20 minutes a day is something I can do!

Also had the chance to meet blogger friend, Reg Rodriguez of Hey Rocket Girl and the gorgeous ladies of Nuffnang Philippines.

Reg of Hey Rocket Girl on Fierce Blogs
The ladies on Nuffnang Philippines
Part 2 of this blog will be released tomorrow as a Sunday feature here on Fierce Blogs.

For more information about Sexy Solutions, visit their website ( or Tweet them for any questions you may have @SexySolutions
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