Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ipanema Goes Jungle Fashion

May 8, 6:00 PM, Bonifacio High Street Open Grounds was the place to be in last night. It was an event where Fashion, Food and Celebrity were compounded to form a definitive form of fashion forward statement. Luckily, Fierce Blogs was given the access to feature the event for my readers to enjoy.

It is always an edgy approach to use animals as an inspiration when in comes to fashion. It only leads to extreme results such as: either trendy/chic or the next fashion faux pas! But world-renowned Brazilian flip-flop brand, Ipanema, roared the runway with their knock-out fashion show. The statement of the 1971 brands is loud and clear - be unique, be bold but most of all, stay true to who you are!

Ipanema Jungle Fashion on Fierce Blogs

Using mystical animals as inspiration, the Ipanema Jungle Show kept everyone anticipating the next scene to unfold. Unlike the usual runway, the show last night was paraded by dolphins, wolves, peacock, eagle, gazelle, snake and zebra. Are you now imagining how the show was? I took some pictures below to help you visualize the colorful show.

Ipanema Jungle Fashion on Fierce Blogs

Ipanema Jungle Fashion on Fierce Blogs
Ipanema Jungle Fashion on Fierce Blogs

I had a bit of challenge covering for the event. Well, I didn't have my usual photographer during the event so there was no choice but to take the pictures myself using whatever talent I have (?!).

Enchong Dee on Fierce Blogs
Joseph Marco on Fierce Blogs
Popular celebrities and top models in the name of Enchong Dee, Phoemela Baranda, Ornussa Cadness, Mia Ayesa, Peter Norrdell, among others, graced the occasion and spiced up the night channeling their inner fashion animals.

For more photos of Ipanema's Jungle Fashion Event, go here.

To the organizers and owners of Ipanema, thank you for having Fierce Blogs in your show. Such a privilege to grace an event that that embody the diverse tastes and characters of today’s stylistas.

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