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A Place Where Fashion & Business Collides - Raffles Design Institute Manila (RDIM)

Every celebrated label comes with a dynamic and robust business foundation! No brand, for that matter, can sustain a big chunk of the market share just by mere chance and windfall. It is rather a collective exertion of market research, business planning and most importantly, the timing. So, the next time you hear a person say, his sales went skyrocket high for a year, that's no fluke!

Raffles Design Institute Manila (RDIM) on Fierce Blogs
 And this is the same groundwork Raffles Design Institute Manila (RDIM) would like to infuse in their students - It is never enough that you live, eat and breath fashion; it is as important to value and understand the business facets related to it. While honing the natural fashion talent you have, add the ingredients of business knowledge to have an edge in the ever-cut-throat Fashion Industry. Sure, the Philippines doesn't lack international and fashion schools, but what Raffles Design does differently is their global approach to education. On top of the technical fashion and business knowledge, RDIM incorporates international instructors who are the subject matter experts in their own field.
  • Dr. Janet Emmanuel - United Kingdom. Academic Director and Senior Lecturer. PhD, Technology, Textiles and Sculptor
  • Nela San Jose - Philippines. Lecturer, Fashion Marketing and Management. Professional Designation Degree in Fashion Merchandise Marketing with Major in Product Development, Magna Cum Laude. Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, USA
  • Lee Miles - United Kingdom. Lecturer, Interior Design. MA Environment Design (Distinction), BA (Hons) 1st Class, Interior Design Environment Architectures
  • Buz Walker - USA. Senior Lecturer, Visual Communication (Graphic Design). BA Fine Art (Graphic Design)
  • For a complete list of their Professoriate, click here.
In terms of Academic Calendar, Raffles Design offers 4 intakes annually: January, April, July and October. Interested applicants are given the flexibility to start their studies based on their convenience. One academic year comprises of four terms with 12 study weeks each, and a one-week holiday between terms. You should have completed High School education to qualify. Additionally, if your native language is not English - your proficiency in English should be demonstrated via: IELTS or TOEFL.

To know more about Raffles Design Institute Manila (RDIM), here's their official website.
Yesterday, March 17, Fierce Blogs had a private orientation and tour at Raffles Design Institute Manila. Thanks to Meg Aguirre, one of the Educational Consultants, at RDIM.

Meg Aguirre of Raffles Design and author of Fierce Blogs
Here's a little tour for you...

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Hi Eric! Do you have an idea how much is the fee?

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Interesting blog!
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Designing institute

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